Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

112th Year of Liberty

Today, Filipinos around the world are observing this very special day for we have achieved freedom and self-government from the dictatorship of foreign lands 112 years ago.

It was on June 12, 1898 in Cavite II (now called Kawit), Cavite when the declaration of Philippine Independence was officially made known. Filipino revolutionary forces under Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo publicized sovereignty and independence of the islands from the colonial rule of Spain, which had just been vanquished at the Battle of Manila Bay. This day, the Philippine flag was raised and the country’s national anthem, Lupang Hinirang was played.

Then, the Act of the Declaration of Independence was arranged and written which was signed by 98 people. The event spread on August 1st, when towns had been planned under rules laid down by Aguinaldo’s Dictatorial Government. It was then modified upon Apolinario Mabini’s persistence who opposed to that the first proclamation placed in the Philippines under the protection of the United States.

Philippine Flag

President Aguinaldo’s proclamation marked a new beginning and also brought bliss beyond words to the Filipinos. This had been an inspiration for other lands to exchange blows to attain the most wanted freedom. Here in the Philippines,  Filipinos traditionally celebrate the Independence Day to make people aware and take into account that freedom is the most valued and important right. A right now ours, obtained by courageous people who gave up their lives just to TAKE it back. I have read a line on one of my Social Studies book that states:


Only those who fight for their freedom deserve to be free. Freedom is what this day is all about.

Filipinos are officially called “Mga ibong may layang lumipad.”

In our forthcoming administration with a leadership paradigm, may the utmost love and unanimity flowing among the Filipinos dominate to be able to renew and continue the open living we have achieved in one blissful and strong republic under God’s guidance.


Friday, June 11, 2010


Harper Lake Rainbow
Look out after the rain
You’ll see something unexplained
What you have is a rainbow
It gives you joy, not sorrow

You’ll witness seven colors
Red to violet, these are yours
You will feel such an honor
That you’ve never felt before

As you glimpse the colors’ brilliance
They’re so pleasing to your eyes
You’ll think of its perfect radiance
Your lips will say “It is nice!”

It’s one great thing ever made
With enough bliss it cascades
More than that it adds splendor
It Impels you to desire for more

You’ll see more of nature’s beauty
Like a rainbow, it’s God’s bounty
Learn to care for His creations
To see more like a rainbow’s reflection

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Morph Your Faces…Literally!

Let’s face it. There are instances when we feel used up in monotonous websites, especially the social-networking ones. After using our accounts, we sometimes feel we don’t know which site to go next to search for something new.

Internet is extremely infinite and there are countless websites out there waiting to be visited. As I search, I stumbled on one that is worthy of note which will make one person express his or her amusement as continuous use is concerned. It’s MORPH THING.COM.

The site enables user to combine two close-up (face) photos into one, literally morphing them. It has its off the rack selection of cropped close-up images of renowned people and characters, particularly celebrities, which can be used in morphing by choosing two. After a few seconds, the result is ready. Also, people are allowed to register for an account and upload their own images to be used for morphing. The face possibilities are infinite and outcomes can be fun to see. I’ve tried to morph celebrities together such as Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears, Yoga (from Star Wars) & Mr.. Bean and even my picture morphed with Harry Potter! :) It’s one way to make those covered smiles!

Here are some of my experiments:


Mr.. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) + Patrick


Yoga + Patrick


Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) + Patrick

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

How I Use Facebook


Since year 2010 came, or I suppose mid-2009, Facebook dominated the race of social-networking. It was September 2008 when I signed up for Facebook since I have friends who already have their own accounts. As soon as I started using it, I merely got bored because of its very plain and clean interface, featuring blue and white colors all-over, the task to post my status on my wall and that’s it. I asked myself “now what?” After my first 20 minutes of using Facebook, I immediately logged out since I only have two friends with nothing chat with. Maybe I just didn’t look for more in Facebook like its applications and the like.

Until this year, after a long time, I went back to Facebook since news stated that it’ll be the trend of the year replacing Friendster and that’s what I did. I left Friendster last April and began perking up my account.

What’s great about Facebook I think is its simplicity yet it has many features (which I haven’t seen from the time when my I first use). Everyday or every 2 days, I update my account through playing its different games. When I open my account, here are the things I do for the next hours:


First thing I do is check the 3 icons above: friend requests, messages and notifications. If there’s any, I’ll confirm, reply and check them out.


Then, it’s time to play. Usually I play simulation games such as Treasure Isle, Farmville, Nightclub City and Restaurant City. Other games are tricky and testing like Jumping Dog, Music, Global & Word Challenge, Who Has the Biggest Brain, Bowling Buddies, Alien Attack and Icy Tower.

Aside from a whole variety of games, Facebook users are given chances to create their own quizzes and I spend a little time answering quizzes. There are funny and somehow gibberish but full of fun especially when I found out the result. The Last quiz I took was “Makakapasa Ka ba sa Board Exam” = 2nd place ka :)


Editing is fun and I share them in Facebook, usually bringing in comments.


If I get used in playing games, I usually upload photos from my drive and splurge time tagging. Most of the times, I edit pictures of mine and from other sites and type quotations on them and upload them, usually attracting people to comment and like them.


To draw more attention, I post quotes, jokes, inspirational song lyrics and satirical posts/ photos on my wall. Sometimes, the comment box becomes a chat box for those who comment.


If there’s nothing to do, I chat with my online friends. When the talk’s over, I log out and finish off my Facebook use.

For all those actions, I spend 2 to 3 hours, depending on my mood and thrill. How about you? How do you use your Facebook?  :)


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