Saturday, October 31, 2009

From Life & Secrets to Colors

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment
Claude Monet

After more than two months crammed and packed with activities, sleepless nights, days of eye bags and stress, I finally get the chance to go back into blogging. I just want to acquit for my co-bloggers and readers that my blog isn’t that quite updated because of my busy schedules as a student but I’ll still continue in making posts here but expect it’ll not be recurrent.

Wow! My blog just marked its 1st birthday last September and I hadn’t written anything that month. Well, for one year and less than two months, my blog ran through series of alterations and barriers. Well, it first started as an exceedingly simple blog of mine last September 2008 with a title of “Life Memoirs” using a provided Blogger basic theme. My first posts were pure English then at the end of the year, it became Taglish.

Year 2009, I changed the theme from simple circles to a nature-devised appearance. A little number of posts again was made for I was busy from January to March. March 2009, I made my last post entitled “A Sweet Delicious Treat” and after that, I didn’t update. I thought that I should quit blogging because I had no time to bring it up to date and only a few people read my site. I left it plainly exposed without any knowledge what to do with my blog.

Summer 2009 almost ended and it was June 2009 when I had the prospect to alter my site. I bid farewell to “Life Memoirs” and said hello to “Skeleton in the Cupboard” with an orange theme filled with black and cream yellow colors and abstract buildings. I made four starter posts for my new and I guessed “improved” page. But again, I stopped blogging last August 2009.

Just yesterday, I had a time to update. Goodbye skeleton and I welcomed “Down in Black and White”. I decided that I should be consistent in what I had started thus; I should blog in pure English language. I realized mixing two languages together could diminish chances people to read my site and it’s not revering both languages. I had to start resembling a clean slate.

Welcome to my “new” blog. My title is quite contrasting to my theme but we know that everything has grounds. Here you’ll perceive distinct stories, anecdotes, quotes, ideas and expressions of someone who’s finding hard time to appreciate life and it’s yours truly.


Proudly Pinoy!