Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Top 100 Movies

I assume that every person has watched a movie or we should say movies. I, myself am a movie fanatic and I collect original CDs and DVDs. I deem that I have watched 200+ movies in my 14 years in living in this world. Here is a list of my top 100 movies I liked.

1. The Passion of Christ
2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
3. Titanic
4. Final Destination 3
5. Final Destination 2
6. Eight Below
7.The Sound of Music
8. Saw II
9. Saw III
10. Saw IV
11. Anaconda
12. Air Force One
13. Chocolate (Thailand film)
14. Prom Night (2008 film)
15. Aliens
16. Alien
17. Baby's Day Out
18. Jaws
19. Jaws 2
20. Beethoven
21. Beethoven's 2nd
22. White Chicks
23. Little Man
24. Big Stan
25. The Benchwarmers
26. Edward Scissorhands
27. Nick of Time
28. The Parent Trap
29. Romeo and Juliet (1960's film)
30. Cloverfield
31. Richie Rich
32. A Very Special Love
33. Shutter
34. Untraceable
35. 50 First Dates
36. Saw III
37. Click (Adam Sandler film)
38. Saw IV
39. Beethoven's 3rd
40. Rogue
41. Amadeus
42. Mercury Rising
43. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
44. Just My Luck
45. Herbie: Fully Loaded
46. Home Alone 3
47. Home Alone 2
48. Home Alone
49. Sleepy Hollow
50. Dr. Dolittle
51. Haunted Mansion
52. Finding Nemo
53. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
54. Scary Movie 3
55. Big Momma's House
56. Big Momma's House 2
57. Rogue
58. Open Water
59. Fluke
60. Ella Enchanted
61. Alien Vs. Predator
62. Slither
63. The Host
64. Enteng Kabisote 2
65. Shaolin Soccer
66. The Haunting
67. Flubber
68. Flight Plan
69. Panic Room
70. Phone Booth
71. The Longest Yard
72. Lilo & Stitch
73. So Close
74. Grease
75. Dark Water
76. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
77. Honey, I Grew Up The Kid
78. The Mask of Zorro
79. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
80. Forrest Gump
81. The Terminal
82. Red Eye
83. Cursed
84. The Lion King
85. 102 Dalmatians
86. The Lady and the Tramp
87. Cars
88. The Bicentennial Man
89. Gremlins
90. Gremlins 2: The New Batch
91. Ice Castles
92. Ghost
93. Poseidon
94. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
95. Simone
96. Twister
97. Are We There Yet?
98. The Waterboy
99. Somewhere in Time
100. Call Me Claus

Friday, October 10, 2008

Students Turn Recitalists

October 8, 2008: The day when we performed our project in MAPEH, which was to stage a theatrical production of the life of our beloved section, Saint Albert the Great (Albertus Magnus).
Our class was divided into four groups, each will perform a short play (which could last for 25-35 minutes). I am included in Group 1, which our preparation for it was not that "sombre", we just took pleasure in it, for us to have stronger bonds, as groupmates and friends. We had about 2-2 1/2 days of "practice" and we were not satisfied of what we did and we even had qualms that we will have an appalling performance the next day.

And the day and time finally came. We made our way to the Audio Visual Room 1 on the second floor, where we're about to perform our plays. Everyone had dressed themselves the best costumes. My roles were actually the teacher of St. Albert the Great when he was a child to a high school student and be the overall sound director.

We were the first group, meaning we will perform first. I was on the area where the sound systems were found and I started the background music with Ms. Mariz Ponti as our connoisseur narrator.

Mariz began narrating all about St. Albert and after that, our play started. Here is the list of our scenes:
Scene 1: The birth of St. Albert the Great
Scene 2: The parents let their lad to study in the University of Padua.
Sub-scene 1: Albert's uncle sent him to "UP".
Scene 3-5: Albert showed his intelligence in Math, Philosophy, Alchemy, Botany and many others. He liked Aristotle and taught the Book of Sentences.
Scene 6-13: Albert graduated and taught Thomas Aquinas, facing problems and his death and beatification.

After our play, the cast and characters were introduced. Here are the cast and characters:
Patrick Juacalla: Albert's teacher/ Blessed Jordan of Saxony (also the sound director)
Joed Abad & Lakan Gaspar: St. Albert the Great (young and mature)
Mariz Ponti: Narrator
Sharmaine Florante: Mother of St. Albert
Clarence Santos: St. Albert's father
Frances Brecia: Midwife, Siger de Brebant
Edexa Mabalot: Midwife
Andrej Gatchalian: Albert's Uncle
Zeejay Lobo: Peter of Tarantasia
Jessa Naquimen: Pope Gregory XV, Mama Mary

Our play was a great success, for us. Our teacher even told us or gave a comment that our play can be "sold", which I think is positive. I even let myself to act which Im not best at but still teamwork and cooperation are the keys to success.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

An Unforgettable Birthday Bash!

October 3rd, 2008: Our section (III - St. Albert the Great) finally unleashed our surprise for our beloved adviser, Ms. Myra Peligaria. Her birthday is originally October 4, the following day, but we decided to celebrate it on Friday, on the day before the "big day" because it's only "half-day" and October 4th is a Saturday, meaning we have no classes.

It was a fine day, and as the president of the class, I have to get to school before 6 am. The party will start at 7:00am and as soon as our adviser arrives. But we changed the plans, some of my us were on the gate to halt our adviser for her not to go to the room YET. As we entered our room, we had a rush on setting up all the decorations and the food needed for the party. We put on the "crepe papers" for our "banderitas", the foods were placed on the "Teacher's table" which we planned for 2 weeks. Wondering what's on the menu? Here's the list of our foods, including the beverages:

* Hotdogs on sticks with marshmallows
* Softdrinks: Coca-cola & Sprite (2 bottles each)
* Pancit Malabon (worth P500 from Mrs. Buenavente)
* 45 pcs. Mister Donuts (from Lance, Choco Butternut and Choco Glazed)
* Baked Macaroni (from Edexa)
* Barbecue
* Mocha Chiffon cake (from Ate Riz)
and a whole lot more....

I forgot the other foods that we even got our money from our class fund and contributions. But its all worth it!
A party wouldn't be a party without music. From Chyrill Iporac, we had an extreme collection of music discs which really heated up the room. When we finished everything, from the foods to the "curtains" to cover the windows of our room, we were ready.We turned off the lights. Then, some of my classmates rushed out of the room to blindfold our adviser. And there she was, eyes closed as she entered the room, unknowing what's in store for her. And as she removed the blindfold, we greeted her "Happy Birthday" with a birthday song as the background music. We sang it together. Our adviser was really flattered and surprised. It was followed by the singing of her favorite songs: "Way Back Into Love" and "Because You Loved Me". During those events, the boys of the class, including me of course, handed her one by one, red roses and our gift for her: A portrait of III - St. Albert the Great. Then, it was followed by the boys' sweet dance with her, kind of a "prom night" style. Our SPS Coordinator and Mrs. Del Rosario saw this and told me to write an article about this event for our School Newspaper: Ginintuang Uhay! Even Mrs. Maranan came to take some pictures for the papers.

8:00am, the dances were over but "our" dance came next. Our group in our P.E. project (Aerobics) danced "LOW" by Flo Rida and T-Pain which we considered it as our best dance (Score: 96/100). We performed it and everyone became hysterical for.... my exhibition. Never mind that, at least its over.

Then, for several moments, we proceeded to our games: Hep Hep Hooray and others. We didn't notice that the celebrant was gone! We found out she'sin another section, teaching. You might be probably wondering why we had the whole day, we asked permission to our teachers and they all agreed. We danced to several songs, had games and I even won "Hep Hep Hooray". Then, the much-awaited time of the day came, "eating time"!

As we eat, several teachers came into our room. As some left, we delivered foods to them in the faculty. The remaining dishes, the pancit and the baked macaroni came a little late and we shared it to the teachers.

That day was really fun. We only not celebrated a special day for our adviser but we even got a day to relax and have some fun. It was really memorable and it's only once in a lifetime opportunity. All we ever wanted is for our adviser to be happy for her birthday that she'll never forget.


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