Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm a Bookworm Supreme!

September 20, 2008: I surfed the internet using my mobile phone, looking for new themes, sounds and games. As I scan, I had finally found my most favorite word game which I last played two years ago. Courtesy of PopCap Games, its "Bookworm", a puzzle and word game in the same time. I finally found it in mobile and it is downloadable! I can enjoy it without limits and I can play anywhere!

This game is educational and a pastime for me. The objective is to form words using 3 tiles or more. When you form a 5-letter word, a green tile will appear (will make your score x2). When you form a 6-letter word, a gold tile will appear (score x4). If you form 7-letter word, a sapphire tile will appear (score x6) and 8-letter word will make a diamond tile (x8).

I spent most of the day (9/20 - Saturday) playing these addictive game. So far as of now, as I type this post, I had three trials and attempts. And as of now, here is my status:

* Bonnets - my longest word (7 tiles)
* I made the green, gold, sapphire and diamond tiles appear.
* My current score: 1500000+
* Current level is Level 51.

I'm really hoping I can make it to Level 100 and so on. I am not resuming yet but I'll continue as soon as I have time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Untraceable" Diversion

September 20, 2008, the day finally came since I borrowed the DVD of the movie entitled "Untraceable" from my classmate, Sharmaine when she told the story of the said movie which made me probing about it.

At first, its quite confusing, first a kitten tortured and killed. I even felt pathetic about the poor animal. As the movie proceeds, I finally understood it and it was indeed an action-packed thriller film! It was very good and for me, it had a resemblance to "Saw" film series, having detective and police work and victims placed onto some kind of traps, but not likely like "Saw". I really love films like those.

September 21, 2008, today it's time to fulfill my curiosity about the website: which was mentioned and even typed in the film. I already tried typing it for the past two months, but I am nervous whenever I see the "skull". But I realized, based on several blogs in the internet, it's just a game.

Currently, when I am typing this post, I am already trying it out. Kind of a "detective" work against the serial killer himself. For those who are reading this blog, why don't you try the site, you might see "victims" during the game. It's like I'm in a "cat-and-mouse" situation right now. Go ahead!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unparalleled Baking Experience

Last September 15, this year was one of the most significant and memorable days of my life because that was the day I learn and try to bake cookies.

Our T.L.E. (Technology and Livelihood Education) class is originally our first period-subject only lasting for an hour, but it got extended from 7:15am to 10:30am in the said day because we will experience how to bake using tools and equipment inside the T.L.E. laboratory.

Our class was grouped into five groups and I, in our group was the only "boy", while the rest were girls. We planned to make our recipe: "Chocolate Candy Cookies" that we got from a recipe book and also in the back of our flour. Of course, we have prepared the essential ingredients which were:

3 eggs
All-purpose flour (instead of Self-raising flour)
Alternative for chocolate chips (Hershey's Kissables)
Dari Creme butter (300 g)
Sugar and Brown Sugar

We began with our baking process. Using an immense mixing bowl, we combined the softened 185 g butter (which we found hard in converting from milliliters to grams, we even used our Chemistry index card), flour, three eggs and beat them. According to my groupmate Edexa, she had "solar hands" and I helped her in doing the mixing. We even experienced how to use an electric mixer, which we had fun utilizing it. When we found our mixture creamy and smooth, we put on our "twist", our Hershey's kissables. After mixing for a while, we got some of our mixture and poured some to molders and some into a big casserole to bake our "Gigantic Chocolate Candy Cookie". We were relaxed while doing it and finally, we put them inside the rusty oven! After several minutes, we had our finished products. Almost 16 petit fours and our crusty gigantic cookie. We had our presentation and our adviser told us to choose a teacher that will taste, judge and grade our cookies. We chose Mrs. Dolores Amalia, our Social Studies teacher which she gave us a perfect score. According to different "tasters" which include more teachers and students, we had the "Best cookies" ever. We were flattered with the results.

And that was our first-time experience in baking. We will never forget that especially me, for having our first application of baking and getting good comments from "my" first baked product.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nothing Beats Fulfilment

It's been four weeks of teaching Catechism to young ones in San Juan Elementary School as part of our school's program. From these four weeks, there were feelings I cannot articulate.

Me and my partner, Lance Dela Cruz were assigned in a Grade 2 class, section IV. As we enter the classroom, unexpectedly, we were greeted by happy faces with warm smiles that touched our hearts, even for the first time. We oriented them and introduced ourselves to them. And in the second week, we were captured by them.

Everytime I teach those kids, I am really happy for myself because I am able to teach not just about God and Jesus Christ, but the values I want them to develop and apply in their lives and when they do, of course they may remember me as their teacher for those good values I am teaching them. But I am surprised because it already occured. I saw one of the kids we are teaching helping her classmate to pick up the papers dropped and also throwing simple trash to the trash can, in which even in little, simple deeds, I am flattered.

There are second thoughts in my mind if I will take the course of Education for Graders (I - III) because I told myself that earning money is also good to be able to help my family, but I guess, or as I can say, nothing can beat the fulfilment I feel whenever I experience teaching. This also manifests me whenever I see the happy faces of the kids when they learn and we are having games and action songs. I really want to see them always smiling and always joyful.

I also feel privileged when they just see me afar from their room, they will call my name as "Kuya Patz" and immediately, a wide smile will form on my face. And in addition to this also, if I will say goodbye to them after teaching, they will wave their hands to me and making "apir" or "high-5" in English culture.

With these I've mentioned, as for a conclusion, even for just four weeks, I feel that I already accomplished something and that is to make kids smile and learn good values.

The Amazing Racers

Last Friday, September 12 this year, as we made our way to the school we were about to teach for Catechesis program of our school, my classmates and I thought of a pursuit to entertain ourselves. Pretend and to imagine ourselves as "The Amazing Racers".

My partner in teaching, Lance made up our own team namely: Patrick and Lance (Friends/Catechists). Our competitors were our other classmates namely: Joed and Sharmaine (Classmates/Catechists) and Edward and Melissa (same caption). With our large and heavy backpacks on our backs, we raced from our school, CCC, to San Juan Elementary School as our pit stop. Not only 3 teams were involved but since we're 41, one team was composed of 3. Meaning 20 teams raced to the pit stop!

Me and Lance ran with all our might and used our remaining leg strength. Some were closing by our track and we were challenged by a "team" in front of us: Edward and Melissa in the lead! We really did "career" ourselves to be real racers and our spirit told us that that was the original "Amazing Race". We ran pass other teams, being in 2nd place, and that was the time we saw the leading "team". We ran and ran and tried to find shortcuts to the school. But we failed. Edward and Melissa finished 1st with me and Lance in 2nd with Joed and Sharmaine.

This "Amazing Race" leisure we thought of will still continue up to the last Friday of the school year. Our standings for the past weeks were 6th, 3rd and the recent standing, 2nd place. One more and we will experience a "$1 Million race of a lifetime".


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