Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm a Bookworm Supreme!

September 20, 2008: I surfed the internet using my mobile phone, looking for new themes, sounds and games. As I scan, I had finally found my most favorite word game which I last played two years ago. Courtesy of PopCap Games, its "Bookworm", a puzzle and word game in the same time. I finally found it in mobile and it is downloadable! I can enjoy it without limits and I can play anywhere!

This game is educational and a pastime for me. The objective is to form words using 3 tiles or more. When you form a 5-letter word, a green tile will appear (will make your score x2). When you form a 6-letter word, a gold tile will appear (score x4). If you form 7-letter word, a sapphire tile will appear (score x6) and 8-letter word will make a diamond tile (x8).

I spent most of the day (9/20 - Saturday) playing these addictive game. So far as of now, as I type this post, I had three trials and attempts. And as of now, here is my status:

* Bonnets - my longest word (7 tiles)
* I made the green, gold, sapphire and diamond tiles appear.
* My current score: 1500000+
* Current level is Level 51.

I'm really hoping I can make it to Level 100 and so on. I am not resuming yet but I'll continue as soon as I have time.

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