Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unparalleled Baking Experience

Last September 15, this year was one of the most significant and memorable days of my life because that was the day I learn and try to bake cookies.

Our T.L.E. (Technology and Livelihood Education) class is originally our first period-subject only lasting for an hour, but it got extended from 7:15am to 10:30am in the said day because we will experience how to bake using tools and equipment inside the T.L.E. laboratory.

Our class was grouped into five groups and I, in our group was the only "boy", while the rest were girls. We planned to make our recipe: "Chocolate Candy Cookies" that we got from a recipe book and also in the back of our flour. Of course, we have prepared the essential ingredients which were:

3 eggs
All-purpose flour (instead of Self-raising flour)
Alternative for chocolate chips (Hershey's Kissables)
Dari Creme butter (300 g)
Sugar and Brown Sugar

We began with our baking process. Using an immense mixing bowl, we combined the softened 185 g butter (which we found hard in converting from milliliters to grams, we even used our Chemistry index card), flour, three eggs and beat them. According to my groupmate Edexa, she had "solar hands" and I helped her in doing the mixing. We even experienced how to use an electric mixer, which we had fun utilizing it. When we found our mixture creamy and smooth, we put on our "twist", our Hershey's kissables. After mixing for a while, we got some of our mixture and poured some to molders and some into a big casserole to bake our "Gigantic Chocolate Candy Cookie". We were relaxed while doing it and finally, we put them inside the rusty oven! After several minutes, we had our finished products. Almost 16 petit fours and our crusty gigantic cookie. We had our presentation and our adviser told us to choose a teacher that will taste, judge and grade our cookies. We chose Mrs. Dolores Amalia, our Social Studies teacher which she gave us a perfect score. According to different "tasters" which include more teachers and students, we had the "Best cookies" ever. We were flattered with the results.

And that was our first-time experience in baking. We will never forget that especially me, for having our first application of baking and getting good comments from "my" first baked product.

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