Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Bighearted Soul

Santa Claus arrives

The Christmas season has come to mean the period when the public plays Santa Claus to the merchants.

-John Andrew Holmes-

3 days to go and it’s Christmas! Time’s really fast isn’t it? It was just like yesterday when I jumped up from my bed and woke up at midnight to open the presents I had received from my loved ones under our old-fashioned, revolving Christmas tree. Before we knew it, it’s 2010 already.

Since I was 4, I had my own “custom” to “behave” every year. Why? For I still believed the tradition of situating my old red & white-colored sock made up of thick and soft cloth with the picture of Winnie the Pooh on our 5-ft Christmas tree with a small note inside it containing all my wishes for Christmas. And I still (up to now) believe that the next day, my wish would be already placed under the tree and the one who brought it at home was, of course, Santa Claus.

To be honest, at my age (15), I still deem in Santa Claus, as the stout old man with long snow white beard dressed in his infamous red and white jovial-looking attire with his belt sticking out, large boots, a cap with a furry ball at the end and the man who has an ebullient smile. I still believe him as the “St. Nick” guy that goes down from chimneys and walks silently at midnight for not disrupting his recipient/s while carrying his big bag of  gifts, and places his gift/s under the Christmas tree. Yes, that old man,

I still have faith in him.

But, is there a real Santa Claus?

It’s the universal question for the kids, including me :). But I asked and heard several people in what they have to say regarding this question. I also heard from different songs and poems about this guy.

Some say he is jolly old St. Nicholas who lives in the cold regions of the Earth, particularly North Pole. Some say he do have 12 reindeers with him but, laugh at me, for until last Christmas, I have went outside the house at midnight and have looked at the dark sky and I am waiting for his sleigh ride going past the full moon above. Then, some say he’s only an apparition, with addition that he’s a specter in the night that creeps up and puts the gift under the tree. Some say he’s just a product of imagination of kids. He’s also the depiction of every person who gives (with or without a thing in return) while others consider their parents their Santa.

Well, now, just this year, I have discovered the facts about Santa:

  1. Santa can be the representation of charitable people which is quite emblematic and convincing. 
  2. The Santa (or I should say SANTAS) whom I expected to believe for 15 years of my existence is none other than my parents! Goodness gracious! I admit I was insensible, naive and childish for not knowing this truth for many years. I learned this from their signs they’re showing:  asking me to put my wish list inside the sock everyday with their eyes looking at my reaction and frequent asking of what’s my wish this Christmas, even they already had a gift for me. That explains why Santa uses the similar gift wrappers we have in our home!
  • In addition, in the Jackson 5’s hit “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, the words from the title give additional detail that probably Santa is the Jacksons’ father.

PS: They still don’t know that I know they’re Santa Claus. :)

Til here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



For four weeks being nominated for Talksmart’s contest, my blog won the “Filipino Blog of the Week” (for week 189) and had elevated to Hall of Fame.


A very huge thanks to Talksmart and to all who voted for my blog. God bless you all! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2nd Recognition!

Just today, I looked Talksmart’s webpage to see the results for “The Filipino Blog of the Week” (Week 188) and I was really happy to know that my blog won 2nd place for the second time. Thank you to those who voted (rapturedmind got more likely 72% of rating). :) Thanks so much and God bless.


I’m nominated for week 189. I need your outmost support for another time. Thanks Talksmart for giving me the chances to be nominated on your “contest”. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I feel sorry for him…

Just yesterday, our family had an unexpected coming of my lolo, lola and my tito from Laguna. Although they called earlier, it was still a surprise for me of receiving a cute puppy out of the blue. My mom had already a plan of getting a new dog to add one to the male population of the canine family we have at home. Finally, he arrived. He’s so cute and while the three of them were still in our house, I couldn’t make up my mind whether to accept the compelling gift or not. Well, after some moments of thinking, I told my mom to keep him. The cute puff ball wonder ate his first dinner inside our home, however, inside his cage. I didn’t know what my reaction must be, whether I’d be happy or feel sorry for the poor guy. My tito left a reminder before leaving: he’s a deafening one.

*I can’t take his picture yet, for there’s a saying about taking pictures of new adopted dogs.

The reasons why I’m hesitant to take him:

  • My dad doesn’t want an additional K9. He often nitpicks supplementary expense for food, even noise.
  • The noise it’ll make during days and nights, with or without noises. I might not be able to study well as he barks.
  • Physical appearance: He’s too good to be true, quite cute, like it’s not an ordinary dog, he’s like a canine with a breed. Because of his irresistible cuteness, I might not be able to do anything but to play with him all day.

When they left, my dad immediately thought of a name for him: Avatar. He said he got the name from the animated series on TV5/ Nickelodeon “Avatar: The Legend of Aang” for having an arrow on Aang’s forehead, similar to our puppy’s circle on his forehead. Well, it’s his first time to suggest a name so my mom and I agreed. Me and my mom spent time with Avatar. His appealing face made me want to hold him every minute for I never had such a cute puppy before. I really hope that he won’t grow up and remain a puppy forever.

At around 12:00am, I woke up for Avatar made continuous cries. My dad, mom and I failed to have a good sleep because of his startling noises. My mom got up to comfort him by giving food and subsequently, it worked out. But at 2am, he cried again and I think up until 6am, he performed his earsplitting theater act, which made me feel sad for him for he wanted to get out of his cage.

This morning, I woke up at 6am. My mom brought out the cage from the house and he’s now situated on our patio. She gave Avatar the chance to get out of his cage and mingle with our other dogs. Things turn well until when we gave him food, he wouldn’t eat. Even though he’s outside his cage, he continued to cry. We gave him 2 mini balls and decorated his cage to comfort him out but all worked out for only a few hours. He wouldn’t eat and he just slept the whole day. I was thinking that “adopting” him was a bad idea.

I feel sorry for Avatar.

Maybe he’s homesick and misses my tito, his previous owner. My tito gave his 3 other siblings and he was given to my mom as a sort of a gift. Whenever I hear his cries, tears roll down to my eyes maybe because of strong sentiment of sympathy for him. My mom admits she gives up for any food she gives, he wouldn’t eat nor drink his milk. I don’t know what else to do. My mind says I should tell my mom to bring him back but I really want him to be a part of my life. I’m a dog lover and I really feel sorry for him.

I don’t know what to do. Please help me. How can I ease the pain he’s feeling now? How will I resolve his “not-eating/ continuous-sleeping” problems? What move should I do? bring him back? or let him stay?

Phone Quotes

My friends love to send group messages and to share out inspiring quotes using their cell phones. Of course, quotes are just passed around and I don’t know who are those people who have thought of such funny & rousing words of wisdom. I like to share some to you (although I know some are quite familiar to you ;)

Sometimes, loving could be so painful, but it’s amazing to know that no matter how hard it is, loving someone is still the simplest reason you find yourself smiling.

-sent by Alianna Santos



Sometimes your existence gives hope to one person..

your smile maybe a pearl for someone..

your presence might be the desire of the one who loves you dearly..


Value yourself..

‘Cause you make a difference by simply being you…

-sent by Alianna Santos


7 Qualities of a true friend:

  1. Sweet
  2. Intense
  3. Romantic
  4. Admirable
  5. Understanding
  6. Loyal
  7. Obedient

Therefore, a true  friend must be S.I.R.A.U.L.O! :)

-sent by Lance dela Cruz (my best friend)

We are tested by major changes,

delayed promises,

impossible problems,

unanswered prayers,

undeserved criticism,

and even senseless tragedies.

But the good news us that God wants us to pass the tests of life…

So He never allows the tests we face to be greater than the grace He gives us.

-sent by Alianna Santos


Wonder why we don’t have the gift to read the minds of other people?

so we could have the chance TO TRUST.. and the privilege TO BE TRUSTED.

-sent by Alianna Santos

Sometimes you got to run away so you can see who will run after you.

Sometimes you got to talk quieter just to see who’s listening.

Sometimes you got to step up in fight to see who will stand by your side.

Sometimes you got to let go of the one you love just to see if they love you enough to come back.

-sent by Claire Diomampo

Hope they inspire you! More quotes coming next time. ;)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Figurative Picture

Our class had a project in Physics which was to make a poster that would be based from the theme: The Youth: The Hope of the Environment. I’m not much of an artistic person who can quickly think of brilliant ideas to make a poster meaningful (full of symbolisms) and colorful. Others are used to utilize color pastels but I just prefer using color pencils and tissue.


I want to show the poster I have made. It’s a little simple but it earned numerous constructive criticisms from my friends and teachers.

Mother Earth is currently facing obliteration and she is in our hands to save Her. In as much as youth are paramount in the society, they should make the most imposing difference, being the abiding pant of both community and the environment.

The poster exhibits distinct schemes. The Earth serves as the central symbol of the environment. Five people surround the planet, who represents the community, particularly the youth. Each of them delineates the words from the theme “THE HOPE OF THE ENVIRONMENT”, but the poster doesn’t physically show the words, much more of its symbolisms. One waters the Earth with heart-shaped droplets, depicting that there should be passion in taking care of Her as for the other, he’s considering the “recycle” logo, meaning to say that it’s one way to save our home. Then, the rose on top of the Earth symbolizes love and peace formed as we take care of Her. Lastly, God’s hands are one top exhibiting His guidance and love wherein HE unites the five with His love and will while revising His blessing to us.

Let’s start taking care of our ONLY home, before it’s TOO LATE.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Ultimate Found Footage?

Found footage is one of the latest genres confirmed which is included in the horror category. So far, I have watched two films under this type: Cloverfield (just last year) and most recently the last film I’ve watched, Paranormal Activity (last Wednesday).


I’ve heard numerous accounts and experiences of several people, whether from the internet or from my family and friends regarding the most topical FF film. The first time I heard it was from my cousin whom she invited me to watch it on our home, together with our other cousins. We only made it on the 1/3 part of the film for they’re leaving that day; I’d say, the film’s boring. The next day (Monday), my classmates were talking about the film and they really want to watch it. Coincidentally, I brought the DVD my cousin lent to me at school and I showed them that I have a copy of it, in Blu-Ray.  I invited them to watch it, the half of the class but some mishaps made my viewing deferred. Meaning, only my friends were able to watch it, without me.
I’ve searched for some comments about Paranormal Activity on the net. I have also received group messages on my phone from my friends saying that they haven’t experience a very good and continuous sleep after watching the film. Comments on the net convey that paranoia, fear and strong impact of horrific realism have dominated them, during and after the movie. I have become more excited to watch it after reading them.

Last Wednesday, after class at 2:30pm, I went home and had a chance to watch the film, with my parents. I told them not to leave me alone watching, following the “note” on the DVD cover: “Do not see it alone.” I skipped the parts I’d watched before and began on the part of Night #3. As I was concentrating on the film, I hadn’t realize that my parents left me: they already slept. Maybe because most of the parts were tedious and the creeps only occur at night.

As I watch the film and after, these are the things I’ve grasped:
  • The film’s a little daunting. 
  • It’s an typical horror film about a couple who moved in a new house who are experiencing paranormal occurrences, most happen at night.
  • At first,  you will be hesitant to look on the TV screen for you do not know what to expect to witness, whether there’ll be a ghost going to pop-out of the screen or any character (if) possessed will go forward the camera and look devilishly at you until the credits roll.
  • You must keep your eyes open to look for any creepy activity on each scene.
  • The film’s scary but not that much.
  • It’s just pure “jump-out-of-seats” thrill, which is best viewed with headsets to feel the unforeseen loud thuds and sounds.
  • The scenes with pure dialogue between the couple serve as your preparations for the night (subsequent to every morning occurrence).

This film failed to make me screech.

Usual horror flicks make me shout for 1 second but this one didn’t. The reception of this film is based on the viewer himself, whether he or she’ll apply paranoia to him/ herself, activating the power of his/ her brains to the environment, making him/herself scared throughout the day or not. It’s in the manner of thinking or it’s all on our head. Maybe those who commented they can’t sleep still keep on thinking the film and they imagine an invisible force would d*** them out of their b*** (oops! spoiler).  Overall, the film’s dull at first, however fear will concurrently develop as the paranormal activities on the film get stronger and creepier each night. It’s a unique thrill and I swear, anyone can watch it ALONE.

PS: A movie with provisional nightmares is this one, better than Cloverfield. Sources say it’s the next “The Blair Witch Project”, but since I haven’t watch the Project yet, I cannot consider it as such, yet.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Achievement!

Two weeks ago, a message on my Cbox from Talksmart stated that my blog was nominated as the “Filipino Blog of the Week” for week 186. The moment I saw this, I was so blissful for it’s the first time my blog was nominated for a poll-operated contest.
Fortunately, my blog won 2nd place/ Winner of “Filipino Blog of the Week (Week 186)” rank #2 with 53% rating and a total of 13 votes. A sincere thanks to all those who voted for my blog! Special thanks also to Talksmart and his blog “The Composed Gentleman”.
Nevertheless, my blog is nominated for week 187 and 188. Thanks to all! ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

24 Hours of Hot Air

Today, I finally made up my mind that I should put my feet up. I am absent today for my asthma has slowed me down. I keep on refusing to the choice of having a check-up today because all I want to do is to rest. Since last Saturday, I am experiencing inferior colds with continuous coughs. The case, I guess, is post-nasal drip, which is the condition of having the gooey material inside the nose going down to the air passage of the lungs. The results are hard coughing and sleepless nights, with the distress of breathing. Today, I’m able to relieve all of them, with water, water and water. It’s a first that I have drunk 5 glasses of water today and I think it’s an accomplishment ‘cause I rarely drink water. To be honest, I prefer drinking plentiful of soft drinks and milk rather than water. But now, I learned my lesson.

Being sick doesn’t stop me from surfing the net. Lots of stuff to do like researching for my essays and secret school projects. Today, I have been memorizing an oratorical piece for our English project. It’s quite difficult at first but once I get the hang of it, it’s doing good. I also find the time today to organize my stuff for the big day tomorrow, back-to-school. Just a few minutes ago, my best friend has given me all the homework given and what they have done earlier in school. As usual, I’ve missed a lot today such as a seatwork which can be answered only if I have the newly distributed magazine, and a new lesson in Accounting about Adjusting Trial Balance on a 10-column worksheet which is wider than my chair! Whew, my unwinding today became ineffective because of these. I have to catch up tomorrow or else, I have to take my very strict teachers’ consequences.

To change the topic, as I search and surf the net, I have discovered two attainments of my efforts.

1. One of our Computer projects was to make an infomercial/ commercial promoting the Golden Jubilee celebration of our Alma Mater, Cainta Catholic College. It should be less than a minute but mine got a little longer. It took me 9 simultaneous hours to make my 1:12 video ‘cause I got problems with the Movie Maker. Still, after all my efforts, my video was one of the two “best” commercials picked by my Computer teacher together with other “mystery” judges. You can watch the video below (comments are highly appreciated :)

*I forgot to credit the materials I had used for this video. Still, thank you to those who hold them*

In addition, I was astonished and pleased to see that my video was rated with 5 stars on YouTube. Thanks to those who rated! :)
 a picture

2. Last Monday, when I opened my blog, I saw a message on my Cbox. Talksmart said that my blog had been nominated as the “Best Filipino Blog of the Week (186)” wherein votes could be made in Being nominated is already an attainment and at least my endeavor in making posts in my blog would bring a beautiful fruit. Thanks Talksmart!
*You can vote my blog in the website I’ve typed above.


Stay tuned for my next posts about my droll descriptions of a Filipino transpo, what an ideal friend I have and about my own role as a singer in a music video! ‘Til next time bloggers!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking Back on a Trance

"M: Sir Edu, pa-picture naman po. E: Of course!"

It’s been less than two weeks since the desertion of one of my most-liked shows on television. When I was watching I saw a trailer of an upcoming show with a subject of talent-showcasing and the timeslot was 11:15am: the time of Pilipinas, Game KNB? I was kind of upset and dazed that it became defunct. I’d miss the 80’s and 90’s music, Vilma Santos’ A-Do-Run-Run, the craze of also answering the questions while watching and of course Mr. Edu Manzano. I’d been an avid fan of the show for I learned a lot of trivia from it and going to the set was one of my wishes when I celebrated my birthday. Hmm, I know that this post is a way too late but I just want to reminisce those moments when I finally had a chance to go to the set itself 67 days ago (more than two months ago).

August 31, 2009: The very special and most exciting day of the year! I woke up with a wide smile on my face which I found hard to remove due to my utmost enthusiasm. It was 7:00am, I was an early bird that time and I immediately took a bath and ate my breakfast. Time was quite slow for me that time; minutes seemed to be hours and hours appeared to be days (?) Meeting time would be at CCC (Cainta Catholic College), 11:00am sharp. After some preparations, the time to depart our home finally came. I and my mom left at 10:00am and we were at school at 10:45am. I got bored to tears waiting for the “players” of the show but I controlled it with excitement. Then, after a few minutes, they arrived and we met with Tita Eli (Melinda) and her two co-players and friends, Ms. Shel and Mr. Miguel. Tita Eli was the one who invited my mom to be one of her companions for the show and then when she found out that I was an avid fan of the game show, she incorporated me in. Then, the three (3) prayed first and Tita Eli also prayed for herself not only for the game but also for her birthday celebration that day. After the prayers were sent to God, we made our way to ABS-CBN.

The rides were more than an hour. I got the chance to see the beauty of Makati and Pasig as well as the routes to get there. My heart was pounding with thrill and positive tension as we were getting closer to the company’s whereabouts. We passed GMA 7’s building and then in a few minutes, we finally arrived! We walked for a while on the street going to the main entrance of the building. Food stalls and fast-food restaurants dominated the street where I smelled all kinds of flavorful aroma during our walk. We were glad for the weather got along with us which welcomed us with warm but gentle and comforting breeze which reduced our exhaustion. After taking 147 steps, a building came to view and I realized it was the entrance of ABS-CBN. We were hesitated to enter at first but I guess that our guts pushed us all the way. Subsequently, we came in, first through the automated unique “rotating” door and the sweet fragrance welcomed us inside. It was cool inside and I took the opportunity to take pictures of my first steps in the ABS-CBN building. There were shiny walls, carpeted floors, and little bright lights everywhere! I hadn’t controlled myself from touching everything in the building attesting my innocent compulsion. After a brief tour inside, we went out to have our “lunch”, at MiniStop. We ate their unbeatable ice cream which cooled down the heat we were feeling under the sun. We saw some famous personalities there such as news reporter Willard Cheng and actor Badjie Mortiz. We were kind of bored that time for the entry to the set wasn’t announced yet. Good thing I subscribed into unlimited texting that time and Jenica was my textmate for 2 hours of waiting. While sitting on the mini-hut of MiniStop, we saw the other “teams” who were also going to play in Game KNB? that day. I had to admit but one of the players brought out typhoon signal #4. 
2:15pm: Finally, the players and the companions were called in. I told my mom how excited I was during that time for I’d finally see the set personally. However the kill time drew out for we were sent to a purely white-colored dressing room for until 5:00pm. I didn’t know what else to do to remove boredom so I decided to review my notes in Mathematics since the next day was our Periodical Exams. I also read Bob Ong’s “Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas” and I almost finished it waiting for 5pm. Inside the dressing room, the players were dressed up with their color-coordinated attires provided by RRJ with matching make-up. After the dress-up, they practiced their dance numbers and mastered their choreography in front of a large mirror. With so much reading and watching the teams dance, time passed quickly and we were called to the studio. Finally after 3 years we made it outside the dressing room and made our way to studio 9 I think but the companions weren’t allowed to go in yet. It’s 5:05pm and my mom and I waited outside the studio and there we met Jonas, the choreographer of the show, always seen on TV. He dressed up very fashionably and my mom chatted with him for a short time. It’s 5:45pm when we got in the set.

As we entered, the cool and fresh atmosphere of the studio welcomed us. But it wasn’t we expected for it was small. Yes, on TV we thought it’s wide but in actuality, it’s not. Lights made the place cool and hip and it’s like we’re inside a disco bar. We sat below in the rear of the host and we had a good view of the whole set. I intentionally convinced my mom to sit there for I know there’s a camera on top that would make us be really seen on TV. There I finally got the chance to see what’s happening off-air: Jonas taught us (audience) the dances involved which were “A-Do Run-Run” and others. Floor directors facilitated and the teams were set immediately, practicing their strategies for the real game. Before the show could begin, one team broke a mechanism and that took about 20 minutes to be fixed. After a few more moments, the host finally arrived, with his dressed with cream polo, Mr. Edu Manzano.

6:30pm: the show finally started. The thunderous sounds and music made the ambiance more alive and kicking. Those 61 minutes were the most exciting and unforgettable moments of my life. I just danced, smiled, laughed and cheered the whole time! I took the chance to look always on the camera, for instant celebrity fame. During the “breaks”, my mom and I got the chance to take a picture with Mr. Edu, with matching jokes. He’s quite nice to everyone for he talked to the audience during commercial breaks. My mom couldn’t help but to scream with “kilig”. By the way, “The Questors” was the name of Tita Eli’s team in orange however; they only made it until the “Taranta Round” (2nd round). When they got eliminated, we just continued watching until the end of 1 episode. We then returned to the dressing room and congratulated the team. A wonderful way of celebrating a birthday, I thought Tita Eli would say to herself. We ate first, took pictures and went home.

It was 9:00pm when we got home. I couldn’t sleep that night for I still couldn’t keep on remembering those happy moments. The music continued to batter on my head and guess what; I forgot all the lessons for the periodical exams! Anyway, I was able to sleep.

On Wednesday the following week (September 3, 2009), after our exams, I immediately ran to Tita Emma’s house and I and my mom watched the episode we were into. The 3 of us laughed and enjoyed our exposures on TV and we even got a 3-sec. close-up! That was the most enjoyable 1 hour I’d witnessed ever – because I was on TV! (artista na ako!)

Wow! My post got long. Sorry readers, you might got bored, I just couldn’t help myself. Sorry for this super late post, but I made it like reminiscence. ‘Til next time!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Black Schemes

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.

-H.P. Lovecraft-

Happy Halloween! One good way to have a scary Halloween is engaging in a horror-movie marathon.

Horror movies are one of the most anticipated genres by nearly all people around the world. This category can pertain to those films concerning supernatural content, cannibalism, queer creatures, extra-terrestrial beings and psychopathic serial killers. There are lots of variations and a wide range of selections of sub-genres can really deliver good scares to the audience. I, also am an enthusiast of horror films, most especially the slasher films or some call it the “body-count” films.

I find those films quite interesting and exciting. Subjects of having psycho killers or unimaginable killing machines or creatures are common here. After I watch even one slasher, most of the scenes from it retain in my mind and I can bring them to my dreams. I believe slashers have the most distinct power among the other sub-genres of horror films to manifest the audience’s mind up to the time they sleep. A movie often possesses potent taglines that bring impact to people to attract and convince them to watch the film itself. After viewing, people recollect, dredge up and engage in conversations about the scenes they remember most with their friends. These films deliver more scare if viewed in the big screen for the sounds can oscillate one’s ears and bring shivers to the scariest moments of the film, together with the large motion picture for supplementary tension.

The decade of 80’s is said to be the rise of popular slashers. Up until now, the influence of this field of horror movies is still at this time. My imagination is way more intense whenever I watch those films. In fact, for more than a hundred pictures I’ve seen, I’ve noticed the common techniques and factors to convey terror and fright to the viewers.

First factors are the sounds. Those deep, creepy and daunting music backgrounds combine with the killing or climax scenes intensifies the emotions causing earsplitting screams. But in some successful slashers, the absence of sounds is also effectual such as in the 2005 British film “The Descent” which is marked for its silent scenes with the monsters surprisingly attacks the girls which I think has brought loud screams to its viewers, based on my experience. Powerful sounds are often coalesced to the killer’s move to slay his victim for dominant jolt.

Settings add chills too. Places with spooky twigs and trunks without any leaves standing on a dark night with a full moon can be common but houses with various high staircases, hiding spots, basements, cabinets and floors and dearth of light are way better. Houses are the common spots for the killer to trap its victim/s and the victim will find her spot to hide.

Costumes etch in people’s minds. Examples are Freddy Krueger’s sharp glove, Michael Myers’ eye-less white mask, Jason’s hockey mask, Ben Willis’ fisherman attire and Chuckie the doll is a “costume” itself. Include their weapons like knives, axes, fireplace sticks, scissors, plastic bags, hooks or mace; killing can be much unforgettable as ever.

The film will not be a film if there won't be any cast and crew. Wes Craven is famous for his talent in directing box-office slashers and horror films such as Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Hills Have Eyes while Stephen King has written numerous books which are adapted into films like the silliest killer ever, Pennywise in I.T. On the other hand, I prefer watching slashers with teenagers as the main injured parties than 30's to 60-year old ones. The phrase "final girl" has been coined to those sole survivors of the slashers being female such as Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) and many others who are often featured in the next sequels of the movie.

Story of course will never be missing. I can remember stories of the killers' past like being a son of pure evil, revenge, psychotic, flip, killer inside the house, urban legends, science-gone-wrong or prank-gone-wrong. Common however these are still quite effective to the films' viewers.

Well, those are just some factors I know that make slashers cool enough to be watched. As I type this post, I'm viewing Halloween (H20): 20 Years Later on one channel for a Halloween night. Gotta end this up or else I'll miss all the slaying action. 'Til next time readers!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

From Life & Secrets to Colors

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment
Claude Monet

After more than two months crammed and packed with activities, sleepless nights, days of eye bags and stress, I finally get the chance to go back into blogging. I just want to acquit for my co-bloggers and readers that my blog isn’t that quite updated because of my busy schedules as a student but I’ll still continue in making posts here but expect it’ll not be recurrent.

Wow! My blog just marked its 1st birthday last September and I hadn’t written anything that month. Well, for one year and less than two months, my blog ran through series of alterations and barriers. Well, it first started as an exceedingly simple blog of mine last September 2008 with a title of “Life Memoirs” using a provided Blogger basic theme. My first posts were pure English then at the end of the year, it became Taglish.

Year 2009, I changed the theme from simple circles to a nature-devised appearance. A little number of posts again was made for I was busy from January to March. March 2009, I made my last post entitled “A Sweet Delicious Treat” and after that, I didn’t update. I thought that I should quit blogging because I had no time to bring it up to date and only a few people read my site. I left it plainly exposed without any knowledge what to do with my blog.

Summer 2009 almost ended and it was June 2009 when I had the prospect to alter my site. I bid farewell to “Life Memoirs” and said hello to “Skeleton in the Cupboard” with an orange theme filled with black and cream yellow colors and abstract buildings. I made four starter posts for my new and I guessed “improved” page. But again, I stopped blogging last August 2009.

Just yesterday, I had a time to update. Goodbye skeleton and I welcomed “Down in Black and White”. I decided that I should be consistent in what I had started thus; I should blog in pure English language. I realized mixing two languages together could diminish chances people to read my site and it’s not revering both languages. I had to start resembling a clean slate.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

“In”, Hip & Famous

Filipinos can think of countless “pauso’s” to spice up living their lives. We are known to be really humorous in almost I guess, everything! Even the hardships, problems and trials come; we can laugh about it because we’re the kind of people who are sanguine and cheerful most of the time! :D

Below are people, things, sayings or anything under the sun that are/were considered “in” or “hip” in the Philippines this year 2009:

This is one of the most popular and widely used words nowadays in the country. This word is the set phrase for “well done” or “good job” used particularly in quiz bees, promotions, achieving ranks, beating the DOTA king and much more. This word’s further used “everyday” because of the notorious 19-year old ASF Dancer in Wowowee, Ms. Aprilyn Gustilo.

Aprilyn or simply “April” but now called as “Congratulations Girl” started sometime in April 2009. I can still remember that it’s my summer vacation and I was able to watch Wowowee more habitually. I was able to see her career from start when she joined Ms. Fitrum in the said show then became a new recruited ASF Dancer. For the first 2-3 months, she began to speak the word “Congratulations” during the giving of P1,000 to the Bigaten from Rexona (1,000, 1,000, 1,000 from Rexona, 1,000….CONGRATULATIONS! (raising her two arms quite high). ‘Til then she became more popular this I think June up to know where she’s being imitated by many people (as I’d observed). At school, I could hear the students (just distributing test papers), “P1,000…P1,000…P1,000 from Vaseline”. Then, with the alteration in the Rexona segment (addition of the word “High-five”), her catch-phrase turned into:

High-Five! P1,000…nanay high-five! P1,000….tatay hay! High-five P1,000….CONGRATULATIONS!

As of now, she’s kind of “promoted” because she’s included in the intermission number of the ASF Dancers before Willie of Fortune and she engages in “mini-hosting” of the show. What made her really admired and funny is the way she says the word “CONGRATULATIONS!” because her voice has no permanent pitch (can be high or getting low sometimes) with matching high energy and “malat” (I think hoarse in English) effect.

I don’t know where they come from but when classes resume, my classmates always sing the song “Nobody” with matching dance steps inside the classroom anytime of a day. Sometimes I feel clich├ęd of hearing the song every single day of a week from the “Wonder Girls” inside the room (even my best friend dances the song xD).

I observed that during and still after the phenomenal hit of “Boys Over (Before) Flowers” in the Philippines, several people engaged in the trend of having bangs like Jan Di’s, fur coats like Jun Pyo’s, corn blonde hair of Ji Hoo, long hairstyle (emo-like) of boys and men like Yi Jeong and Woo Bin and checkered sweatshirts. Also, Filipinos (especially women) downloaded the songs from the soundtrack of the drama series and would listen anywhere (including the students in our school, they’d listen to the songs inside the trellis with people looking at them because they memorized the undistinguished, unmemorable and unrecognizable lyrics of the songs…and they don’t even know the meanings of those songs! Why do we find memorizing the Oriental languages easy? Maybe because we can just blab and say any “word” as long as it has the similar sound. :D

Another Korean “hit” in the Philippines is the rise of the Korean Pop Culture – Korean songs made by girls who have cute colorful skirts, same hairdo and white skin. These include “Nobody” by Wonder Girls (which is a hit because most Filipino girls tend to sing it in karaoke bars and dance it anywhere) having both Korean and English versions. Songs of 2NE1 became popular also and we’re able to see Sandara Park’s rise to fame in Korea nowadays.

Nanay Dionesia
Mommy/ Nanay Dionesia is the mother of the People’s Champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. At first we only see her inside a room of her house, locked up, praying devotedly to Mama Mary for every fight of her son – and her prayers are powerful for Pacman constantly wins his matches. But now, year 2009, the religious Nanay Dionesia decides to enter show business.

When she entered showbiz, she became an instant “star”. With many TV guestings such as in dance shows (she’s the Dance Floor Queen I think), variety shows, talk shows and gag shows, her name is undisputedly forever in our minds. Her fame continued with countless TV ads/ commercials and groundbreaking taglines in those ads. Many comedians and comediennes impersonate her, increasing her popularity even more. Even in the touchtone world, she’s still notorious with people’s use of shaggy dog stories. :D

See previous post (“Mukhang Libro”) below.

February 2009 marked the beginning of one of the most prestigious and heartwarming drama series on television which is “May Bukas Pa”. It has a similar theme of “Marcelino” which is about a young boy named Santino who can see and communicate with Jesus. With the instant popularity of the show, Santino (Zaijian Jaranilla) calls Jesus “Bro” for we all know that Jesus is the redeemer, Son of God, thus, He’s our brother. People use “Bro” pertaining to Jesus in real lives and not just only in the show itself. In our school, when we had our confessions, the priests would say just have faith in Bro. That’s how influencial Santino is. :D

Cwissy, Naw Nah…
The show in one channel entitled “Banana Split” made this “phrase” more popular because of their spoof of the show “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon” which is “NNNN: Nternainment News na Naman!”. The show’s (SNN) hosts are Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino and on the spoof stars Jayson Gainza as Bhoy and Angelica Panganiban as Crissy. The most talked-about and well-liked impersonation is Jayson’s for he’s able to really mimic Boy Abunda’s voice and laugh (ahihihi) and also his popular catch phrase: “Showbiz news bukas, ngayon ang broadcast…naw nah..” plus lowering his head down like Boy. Also, Angelica’s able to portray like Kris because of the movements and the famous “back” pose. They both make a good impersonating tandem and in our school, many of my classmates imitate the way Bhoy talks, causing outrage and nonstop laughter inside the room.

You’re such a loser…hahaha
The tandem of Yaya and Angelina (portrayed by Michael V. and Ogie Alcasid respectively) are quite funny. Their first appearance was in their “segment” in Bubble Gang, Yaya taking care of Angelina, the spoiled brat. Angelina, most of the times (or I think always) refuse to follow Yaya and when Yaya commits mistakes, she’ll say her famous phrase: “Yaya, you’re such a loser” or “Whatever Yaya” making letter “W” on her hands and rolling "her" eyes.

Reaching their utmost esteem, they had their own show, “Hole in the Wall” with more funny antics from the two comedians. Then, because I think by popular demand, they’ll have a movie together.

Cute and Funny Songs
Filipinos are really creative and have an extensive sense of humor. Even the hit foreign songs are translated into Tagalog! Starting with hits such as “Clumsy”, “Don’t Matter”, “Low”, “Smack That” and other Akon, Beyonce, Fergie and others’ songs are made “fresh” by Filipinos.

Translations are as follows:
-Can’t help it, can’t help it = Ka’y mag-ingat, ika’y mag-ingat
-Chorus: “Ako’y natisod, natapilok, natisod, natapilok, di nag-ingat sa pagmamahal
Ako’y nadulas, umikot, nadulas, umikot”, di nag-ingat sa pagmamahal

-First line: Ben, bayaran mo ang utang mo.

“Single Ladies”
-First lines: Lahat ng mga single ladies (lahat ng mga single ladies)
And something like: bigyan mo ako ng singsing (you should’ve put a ring on it)

Careless Whisper
The 1980's hit single of George Michael was relieved this year because of the controversial sex-video scandal. I'd observed the popularity of this song grew among several people in the Philippines, singing and even dancing the said song showing kind of sensuality.

Banat Jokes: Sobrang Cheesy
These are the most hilarious “pauso” of Pinoys today. Jokes are spoken or either passed on cell phones are quite cool. “Eeeeh..sobrang cheesy” is the famous tagline from commercials of Greenwich pizza, meaning “corny” or trite or something like “baduy”.

Banat jokes are jokes with complete “kabaduyan” or “cheesiness” involved. The replies/ responses of the “characters” in these jokes are so “cheesy” or negative in a funny way.

1.) Girl: Ahm, excuse me, ilang pages ka ba?
Boy: Bakit?
Girl: Kapal mo kasi eh.
2.) B: Miss, lusis ba ngipin mo?
G: Bakit?
B: Kasi pag ngumiti ka, may SPARK.
3.) B: Asthma ka ba?
G: Bakit?
B: ‘Cause you take my breath away.
4.) B: Miss, titulo ka ba?
G: Bakit?
B: Tingin ko kasi, pagmamay-ari kita.
5.) B: Anu English ng mahal kita?
G: Edi, I love you.

That’s how creative Pinoys are.

They make a lot of “pausos” right? Haha.
I’m proud to be Pinoy.
Those are just some “hip” and “in” trends in the Philippines. Those are just the ones I can remember but as time goes by, more “trends” and “mga pauso” will float in the surface.

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