Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Bighearted Soul

Santa Claus arrives

The Christmas season has come to mean the period when the public plays Santa Claus to the merchants.

-John Andrew Holmes-

3 days to go and it’s Christmas! Time’s really fast isn’t it? It was just like yesterday when I jumped up from my bed and woke up at midnight to open the presents I had received from my loved ones under our old-fashioned, revolving Christmas tree. Before we knew it, it’s 2010 already.

Since I was 4, I had my own “custom” to “behave” every year. Why? For I still believed the tradition of situating my old red & white-colored sock made up of thick and soft cloth with the picture of Winnie the Pooh on our 5-ft Christmas tree with a small note inside it containing all my wishes for Christmas. And I still (up to now) believe that the next day, my wish would be already placed under the tree and the one who brought it at home was, of course, Santa Claus.

To be honest, at my age (15), I still deem in Santa Claus, as the stout old man with long snow white beard dressed in his infamous red and white jovial-looking attire with his belt sticking out, large boots, a cap with a furry ball at the end and the man who has an ebullient smile. I still believe him as the “St. Nick” guy that goes down from chimneys and walks silently at midnight for not disrupting his recipient/s while carrying his big bag of  gifts, and places his gift/s under the Christmas tree. Yes, that old man,

I still have faith in him.

But, is there a real Santa Claus?

It’s the universal question for the kids, including me :). But I asked and heard several people in what they have to say regarding this question. I also heard from different songs and poems about this guy.

Some say he is jolly old St. Nicholas who lives in the cold regions of the Earth, particularly North Pole. Some say he do have 12 reindeers with him but, laugh at me, for until last Christmas, I have went outside the house at midnight and have looked at the dark sky and I am waiting for his sleigh ride going past the full moon above. Then, some say he’s only an apparition, with addition that he’s a specter in the night that creeps up and puts the gift under the tree. Some say he’s just a product of imagination of kids. He’s also the depiction of every person who gives (with or without a thing in return) while others consider their parents their Santa.

Well, now, just this year, I have discovered the facts about Santa:

  1. Santa can be the representation of charitable people which is quite emblematic and convincing. 
  2. The Santa (or I should say SANTAS) whom I expected to believe for 15 years of my existence is none other than my parents! Goodness gracious! I admit I was insensible, naive and childish for not knowing this truth for many years. I learned this from their signs they’re showing:  asking me to put my wish list inside the sock everyday with their eyes looking at my reaction and frequent asking of what’s my wish this Christmas, even they already had a gift for me. That explains why Santa uses the similar gift wrappers we have in our home!
  • In addition, in the Jackson 5’s hit “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, the words from the title give additional detail that probably Santa is the Jacksons’ father.

PS: They still don’t know that I know they’re Santa Claus. :)

Til here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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JR041283 said...

The first Santa Claus was St. Nicolas. Now, there are still Santa Clauses but no reindeers because of the hunters.

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