Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2nd Recognition!

Just today, I looked Talksmart’s webpage to see the results for “The Filipino Blog of the Week” (Week 188) and I was really happy to know that my blog won 2nd place for the second time. Thank you to those who voted (rapturedmind got more likely 72% of rating). :) Thanks so much and God bless.


I’m nominated for week 189. I need your outmost support for another time. Thanks Talksmart for giving me the chances to be nominated on your “contest”. :)

2 remarks:

Joro Livelihood said...

Voted for you. Congratulations for winning this week and you will be soon elevated to the hall of fame I think.

Talksmart said...

Congrats! Your blog has won this week's Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 189). The blog is also elevated to the Hall of Fame. You may now claim your badges.


Proudly Pinoy!