Sunday, November 29, 2009

I feel sorry for him…

Just yesterday, our family had an unexpected coming of my lolo, lola and my tito from Laguna. Although they called earlier, it was still a surprise for me of receiving a cute puppy out of the blue. My mom had already a plan of getting a new dog to add one to the male population of the canine family we have at home. Finally, he arrived. He’s so cute and while the three of them were still in our house, I couldn’t make up my mind whether to accept the compelling gift or not. Well, after some moments of thinking, I told my mom to keep him. The cute puff ball wonder ate his first dinner inside our home, however, inside his cage. I didn’t know what my reaction must be, whether I’d be happy or feel sorry for the poor guy. My tito left a reminder before leaving: he’s a deafening one.

*I can’t take his picture yet, for there’s a saying about taking pictures of new adopted dogs.

The reasons why I’m hesitant to take him:

  • My dad doesn’t want an additional K9. He often nitpicks supplementary expense for food, even noise.
  • The noise it’ll make during days and nights, with or without noises. I might not be able to study well as he barks.
  • Physical appearance: He’s too good to be true, quite cute, like it’s not an ordinary dog, he’s like a canine with a breed. Because of his irresistible cuteness, I might not be able to do anything but to play with him all day.

When they left, my dad immediately thought of a name for him: Avatar. He said he got the name from the animated series on TV5/ Nickelodeon “Avatar: The Legend of Aang” for having an arrow on Aang’s forehead, similar to our puppy’s circle on his forehead. Well, it’s his first time to suggest a name so my mom and I agreed. Me and my mom spent time with Avatar. His appealing face made me want to hold him every minute for I never had such a cute puppy before. I really hope that he won’t grow up and remain a puppy forever.

At around 12:00am, I woke up for Avatar made continuous cries. My dad, mom and I failed to have a good sleep because of his startling noises. My mom got up to comfort him by giving food and subsequently, it worked out. But at 2am, he cried again and I think up until 6am, he performed his earsplitting theater act, which made me feel sad for him for he wanted to get out of his cage.

This morning, I woke up at 6am. My mom brought out the cage from the house and he’s now situated on our patio. She gave Avatar the chance to get out of his cage and mingle with our other dogs. Things turn well until when we gave him food, he wouldn’t eat. Even though he’s outside his cage, he continued to cry. We gave him 2 mini balls and decorated his cage to comfort him out but all worked out for only a few hours. He wouldn’t eat and he just slept the whole day. I was thinking that “adopting” him was a bad idea.

I feel sorry for Avatar.

Maybe he’s homesick and misses my tito, his previous owner. My tito gave his 3 other siblings and he was given to my mom as a sort of a gift. Whenever I hear his cries, tears roll down to my eyes maybe because of strong sentiment of sympathy for him. My mom admits she gives up for any food she gives, he wouldn’t eat nor drink his milk. I don’t know what else to do. My mind says I should tell my mom to bring him back but I really want him to be a part of my life. I’m a dog lover and I really feel sorry for him.

I don’t know what to do. Please help me. How can I ease the pain he’s feeling now? How will I resolve his “not-eating/ continuous-sleeping” problems? What move should I do? bring him back? or let him stay?

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raiChie_0823 said...

dont worry patz...siguro mga 3 o kya 1 week lang xa magkakaganyan.... nahohomesick kasi... lagi nyu siyang laruin at ska lagi kayong magpakita sa kanya... o kya bigyan nyu ng nalalaruan niyang bola or any stuff na squiky...... ganyan din kasi c princess nung una niyang punta dito... sana makatulong ang mga cnabi ko... hahaha... hyaan muh bka pag laki ni avatar... super super close kau....up to the point na dahil K9 dog xa eh....dadambahan ka na niya...hahaha... dont worry... everything will be finee.. :D

raiChie_0823 said...
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raiChie_0823 said...

10 :30 nalang daw pla
...originall plan...ok??... sori ahh


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