Friday, November 27, 2009

The Ultimate Found Footage?

Found footage is one of the latest genres confirmed which is included in the horror category. So far, I have watched two films under this type: Cloverfield (just last year) and most recently the last film I’ve watched, Paranormal Activity (last Wednesday).


I’ve heard numerous accounts and experiences of several people, whether from the internet or from my family and friends regarding the most topical FF film. The first time I heard it was from my cousin whom she invited me to watch it on our home, together with our other cousins. We only made it on the 1/3 part of the film for they’re leaving that day; I’d say, the film’s boring. The next day (Monday), my classmates were talking about the film and they really want to watch it. Coincidentally, I brought the DVD my cousin lent to me at school and I showed them that I have a copy of it, in Blu-Ray.  I invited them to watch it, the half of the class but some mishaps made my viewing deferred. Meaning, only my friends were able to watch it, without me.
I’ve searched for some comments about Paranormal Activity on the net. I have also received group messages on my phone from my friends saying that they haven’t experience a very good and continuous sleep after watching the film. Comments on the net convey that paranoia, fear and strong impact of horrific realism have dominated them, during and after the movie. I have become more excited to watch it after reading them.

Last Wednesday, after class at 2:30pm, I went home and had a chance to watch the film, with my parents. I told them not to leave me alone watching, following the “note” on the DVD cover: “Do not see it alone.” I skipped the parts I’d watched before and began on the part of Night #3. As I was concentrating on the film, I hadn’t realize that my parents left me: they already slept. Maybe because most of the parts were tedious and the creeps only occur at night.

As I watch the film and after, these are the things I’ve grasped:
  • The film’s a little daunting. 
  • It’s an typical horror film about a couple who moved in a new house who are experiencing paranormal occurrences, most happen at night.
  • At first,  you will be hesitant to look on the TV screen for you do not know what to expect to witness, whether there’ll be a ghost going to pop-out of the screen or any character (if) possessed will go forward the camera and look devilishly at you until the credits roll.
  • You must keep your eyes open to look for any creepy activity on each scene.
  • The film’s scary but not that much.
  • It’s just pure “jump-out-of-seats” thrill, which is best viewed with headsets to feel the unforeseen loud thuds and sounds.
  • The scenes with pure dialogue between the couple serve as your preparations for the night (subsequent to every morning occurrence).

This film failed to make me screech.

Usual horror flicks make me shout for 1 second but this one didn’t. The reception of this film is based on the viewer himself, whether he or she’ll apply paranoia to him/ herself, activating the power of his/ her brains to the environment, making him/herself scared throughout the day or not. It’s in the manner of thinking or it’s all on our head. Maybe those who commented they can’t sleep still keep on thinking the film and they imagine an invisible force would d*** them out of their b*** (oops! spoiler).  Overall, the film’s dull at first, however fear will concurrently develop as the paranormal activities on the film get stronger and creepier each night. It’s a unique thrill and I swear, anyone can watch it ALONE.

PS: A movie with provisional nightmares is this one, better than Cloverfield. Sources say it’s the next “The Blair Witch Project”, but since I haven’t watch the Project yet, I cannot consider it as such, yet.

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