Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Figurative Picture

Our class had a project in Physics which was to make a poster that would be based from the theme: The Youth: The Hope of the Environment. I’m not much of an artistic person who can quickly think of brilliant ideas to make a poster meaningful (full of symbolisms) and colorful. Others are used to utilize color pastels but I just prefer using color pencils and tissue.


I want to show the poster I have made. It’s a little simple but it earned numerous constructive criticisms from my friends and teachers.

Mother Earth is currently facing obliteration and she is in our hands to save Her. In as much as youth are paramount in the society, they should make the most imposing difference, being the abiding pant of both community and the environment.

The poster exhibits distinct schemes. The Earth serves as the central symbol of the environment. Five people surround the planet, who represents the community, particularly the youth. Each of them delineates the words from the theme “THE HOPE OF THE ENVIRONMENT”, but the poster doesn’t physically show the words, much more of its symbolisms. One waters the Earth with heart-shaped droplets, depicting that there should be passion in taking care of Her as for the other, he’s considering the “recycle” logo, meaning to say that it’s one way to save our home. Then, the rose on top of the Earth symbolizes love and peace formed as we take care of Her. Lastly, God’s hands are one top exhibiting His guidance and love wherein HE unites the five with His love and will while revising His blessing to us.

Let’s start taking care of our ONLY home, before it’s TOO LATE.

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