Friday, July 31, 2009


Anung prutas ang nananakot?


-Joke ng aking kaibigan na si Winnie Robles Eliab :D

Agosto na! Ibig sabihin ay buwan na ng Wikang Filipino at dapat ay gamitin ito nang husto at maayos ng mga Pilipino. Kaya ito ako ngayon ay bagbabalik sa paglalagay ng “post” sa wikang Filipino.

*Ang mga susunod kong "post" ay maaaring nasa wikang Ingles pa rin dahil na-"type" ko na sa MS Word x)

Ang aking nararamdaman ngayon ay kaba at kaunting takot sapagkat nalalapit na ang pagsusulit sa UP at kailan ito? BUKAS NA! Talagang kinakabahan ako dahil may mga naglalaro sa aking isipan na baka bumagsak ako, sobrang hirap ng mga tanong, ano kaya ang pakiramdam na hanapin mag-isa ang Palma Hall (doon ako kukuha ng pagsusulit) at iba pa. Sa kasalukuyan, habang ginagawa ko itong “post” na ito ay iba sa aking mga kaklase ay kumukuha na at nagsasagot ng UPCAT. Ngayon ay kung napapansin po ninyo ay hindi ko na maasikaso nang husto ang aking blog, kung dati ay laging may “post” araw-araw, ngayon ay sa isang linggo ako gumagawa ng “post”.

Ito na marahil ang huli kong “post” sa panandalian dahil ako ay nag-aaral nang husto para bukas. Kakasimula ko nung bakasyon ngunit sa kasamaang palad ay nakalimutan ko ang karamihan sa aking mga napag-aralan kaya babalikan ko sila. Walang pasok ngayon kaya ako’y tumitingin ng mga impormasyon mula sa “internet” at sa buong 24 oras marahil ay mag-aaral ako (kahit mali dahil walang tulog x( ). Hay, kailangan ko pang manuod ng mga palarong palabas sa telebisyon upang may karagdagan akong matutunan (para sa “General Information”). Ngayon, problemado pa rin ako sa Matematika, litong-lito pa rin sa paghanap ng kung anu-ano sa bilog, pagkuha ng edad ng tao at iba pa. Sa Agham, pisika ang hindi ko pa masyadong napag-aaralan: ang pagkuha ng “velocity”, mga pormula sa pagkuha ng “acceleration” at iba pa. Marami pa akong hindi nalalaman!

Paalam muna! Hay...andami ko talagang iniisip dahil lahat ng 9 na asignatura namin ay may proyekto at karamihan ay ipapasa sa susunod na linggo (binigay sila nung Huwebes lamang). Dinagdagan pa ng UPCAT na lalo pang nagpa-“stress” sa akin. Tapos ko na ang pag-aaral sa asignaturang Ingles, may 4 pa: Agham, Matematika, Filipino (Florante at Laura nalang) at General Information. Alam ko na kaya ko ito basta’t nandyan si BRO!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I just want to ask..

Life & our world are full of mysteries. There are still secrets veiled and waiting to be discovered in our life and the world. Below you're about to read the questions I want to ask with the world (some questions are tricky & for fun, some are real) that still remain unanswered. If you know the answer, comments are within acceptable limits. :D

1. I watch television everyday with clear signals resulting to clear pictures. Suddenly, I perceive the sound of an airplane fluttering above our location. Then, when it starts to get ahead of our house, it causes "waves" on the TV screen (pictures displayed) like losing signal. Why does this happen?

2. Who said that raising of the middle finger is bad/ expressing the bad word "***k"?
3. Why do people tend to press harder on remote controls if they know that the batteries are dead?

4. Why "Auroras" only occur in cold regions/ continents?

5. Why small ticks are hard to eradicate?

6. Why do soldiers, pilots I think and police officers use the words "mayday", "roger" while using radios/ walkie-talkies? Is it also necessary to say "over" & "out" after each sentence they say on these "talkies"?

7. Why do sharks frequently display their dorsal fin above water?

8. Is there a reason why most "Blacks" have somewhat similar voices?
9. Why do things seem to look darker when they get wet?
10. Who made "computer viruses"? Where do these come from?
11. Why's the sky blue?
12. Why do people tend to "pee" when they drink softdrinks/ alcoholic drinks?
13. Do starfishes have faces?
14. Why some people are hairy & not hairy?
15. Why some gums can make "bubble" others are just for chewing?
16. Is there any way to remove ballpen marks on plastics (covers/ mantel)?
17. Why people get dizzy after drinking alcohol?

18. Do jellyfishes have eyes?

19. There's a person who, before leaving his house, removed all the plugs from the outlets. As soon as he leaves, he tends to wonder "did I really removed all the plugs" causing him to return and check again. Is there a name for this behavior?
20. Why do "sit up" and "sit down" mean the same thing?
21. Why do crackers have holes, not cracks?
22. Why some people have very oily skin?
23. Why dogs show aggression to cats? Cats to birds/ fish?
24. Why do we get drowsy and teary-eyed when we have colds?
25. Are pancakes and hotcakes the same?

26. Does milk make a person smart?

27. Is work a form of God's punishment to us?
Comment your answers! :) Thank you.
*images are taken from Wikipedia and Google Images

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not another basketball movie..

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. "

-Timo Cruz (role of Rick Gonzalez)-

Thomas Carter was able to utilize his superior skills in directing to a whole new level in making the 2004 inspirational film entitled “Coach Carter” which starred Samuel L. Jackson, Rob Brown, Rick Gonzalez, Channing Tatum, Robert Ri'chard and pop-music icon Ashanti. The film was based on a true story which occurred in 1999 about the controversial Coach Ken Carter who believed that his players can excel in life by means of suggesting the value of education to them who were all focused in playing basketball only associating the unpleasant culture of racial discrimination. The film combined the genres of drama and sports action which was able to excite and inspire viewers mutually making it genuinely good and entertaining with numerous heart-pounding actions on the court.

The film goes back in 1999, wherein the protagonist, Ken Carter, a successful sporting goods store owner, fully agrees to take the job as a basketball coach for his old High School in Richmond, California where he was a champion athlete. At first, he’s disappointed since his new players display immoral behaviors in addition to their playing routine. Despite of those, he hasn’t give up in trying to make changes to his athletes in all human aspects. Aside from being strict for having his players sign contracts, he lets them perform tough exercise routines which test each one’s limits. He imposes good playing performance, respectful attitude as well as maintaining good grades in class which serve as necessities to the players so they can participate. After Carter’s undisputed trainings, his team became undefeated but as soon as he learns that much of his players perform poorly in class, he cancels all team games and locks the gymnasium preventing them to play. The team showed improving grades as time passes but the “lockout” controversy has made the community participate in a debate against Coach Carter. However, Carter remained in his methods, still determined to show his team needs to think their future clearly if not taking education seriously. Eventually, he’s able to affect the minds of his team more reflectively inspiring them to do all he has said to them.

Samuel L. Jackson made one of his spectacular performances in this film. He really delivered his words clearly and effectively. He was able to display the real character of one basketball coach in his manners, gestures and his strong personality was perceived in every scene of the film. Jackson’s one striking line in the film’s: I came to coach basketball players, and you became students. I came to teach boys, and you became men.” Rick Gonzalez played effectively the role of a drug-dealer of Timo Cruz, who once gave up in playing basketball. With all his sacrifices to get back on the team, Gonzalez displayed a real player’s persevering heart just to return to his passion of playing. Channing Tatum's good in displaying his character as a White, shown to be descriminated in the film by the Blacks. One line from him struck me: "You said we're a team. One person struggles, we all struggle. One person triumphs, we all triumph". Lastly, Ashanti made her first appearance in a movie as the pregnant girlfriend of Kenyon Stone. All I could say's that she's able to portray REAL the role of a teenage mother. As for the remaining actors, such as the other players of Richmond Oilers were able to convey light comedy lines, thus adding very light comedy and humor in the movie. Without them, with their small witty acts, clumsiness at times and endearing, funny smiles, the film would be too serious.
“Coach Carter” not only wanted to show school life but also the culture of the Black people. Most of the music or songs used were all meant and done for the Blacks: merge of pop, rhythm and blues and rap music which matched the indigent environment of Richmond, California. The subject’s that even Blacks had their own way of living in their own one place; the film’s able to show the Whites’ abilities to still discriminate the capacity of the Blacks. It pointed out the unequal relationship and division of the two different races of people common in the world. The film technique quite delivered the repulsive but real message effectively to its viewers.

To wrap up, “Coach Carter” is one movie where people would learn loads of lessons about courage, strength, motivation, determination, perseverance, teamwork and the reality of life. After I watched the film, I was inspired to achieve my dreams and I had my own negative realizations converted to optimistic ones. “Coach Carter” is a good, motivating and inspiring movie no one dares to miss.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Late as the Blue Worms

Rain, rain please go away! Come again another day. Well, that’s my wish: to make the rain stop for just this day. As an info, the tropical storm “Isang” already left the Philippine Area of Responsibility and that, for me, delivered good news and bad news. The bad news is that classes resume and the twist, it’s a Saturday! x( The good news is that the class’ tour in Ateneo de Manila University would still go on. A big “YEHEY” for that!

4:13am, the time I woke up from my pleasant dream because of my silly noisy alarm clock. It’s a rainy Saturday and guess what, I have classes because it’s our 1st Monthly examinations (subjects are Physics, Social Studies, Basic Accounting and Filipino). I left home at around 6:00am and arrived at school 30 minutes after. When I arrived, as usual my classmates were noisy as they review. An hour passed and exams began.

Filipino was a major headache. Even I read the whole first 3 chapters of El Filibusterismo, what made the test quite hard was the “vocabulary words part (talasalitaan)” wherein we have to scramble the jumbled letters. The definitions given were very unfamiliar and not discussed to us. Physics was okay but Accounting was quite confusing. Our guidance councelotr Mrs. Jona Cruz was already outside the corridor waiting for us (top 10 students of the previous year) for the seminar that would be held in ADMU. I panicked because we’re about to leave and answered the test as fast as I could. After the tests, we (10) left the school campus (*we have a service at last! X).

After almost a hour of travel, there we were: ADMU: Ateneo de Manila University. It’s so big and we got even lost finding the correct gate where the seminar would be held! Upon arriving, 11 of us (10 students & the guidance councelor) signed up. We entered a very large, BLUE room wherein they call it as “Leong Hall Auditorium” if I wasn’t mistaken. Funny thing happened inside was that we only sat there for attendance and later called back outside for the campus tour. We were accompanied by another school who are also participants and our tour guide’s Ms. Nadine, a Senior in the said school.

She took us to the different wide & huge areas, buildings and hang-outs inside the campus. All I could do was to open my mouth because they were all so BIG! The structures are named after their “creators” and most of what we’ve seen were “tongue-twister” and Chinese names such as the Schmitt, Burchman’s and I forgot the rest of them. The place’s like a paradise and you could really see the “freedom of the students” to relax, hang-out and study quietly and even privately. There were several wide benches, countless areas of grass, fresh air comes from dozens of trees, cool rooms, huge libraries, what more could a student studying there ask for? They have 2 libraries, one’s old and when we got there we saw the “making” of the new library. Then, as we walk inside, I took the advantage of taking the “stones of Ateneo” (it’s been one of my behaviors to take stones or rocks as my souvenirs when I go to different places, and FYI, it’s my 37th stone! :D) Most of us (CCCians) were quite humorous and called each thing we see inside the campus as “... of Ateneo” such as “nalalanghap natin hangin (air) ng Ateneo”. :D

After the 1-hour tiring tour,we proceeded to the 4th floor of the first building but we had to survive the 87 stair steps (and we made it! :D) and there the most exciting part of the tour took place: eating time! Several schools arrived before us and of course we’re excited to taste the pagkain of Ateneo! We had macaroni lasagna, egg sandwich, pemiento sandwich and Zest-O juice drink. Well, we hadn’t take our recess break at school so gave our best “performance” there in the cafeteria! 4 of us finished all 4 components while I hadn’t finish my pemiento sandwich and the rest of the girls. I’m really a picky person when it comes to food and I admit it. As we eat our delicious food, there’s a surprise guest in the cafeteria and it’s none other than, Mr. Robi Domingo of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus! Girls inside the area screamed like aliens when they saw the True-Blue Atenista. He’s the 15th actor I’ve seen in personal and his face is just the same when he’s at TV (of course). We decided to have “picture-taking” with him but he left immediately. Ouch for the girls and too bad I didn’t bring any remembrance of himfor my mom who like him. :D After the 5-minute commotion, everyone went back in the eating business. My classmate Shar decided to give her bread to me and I chose to take home the tinapay of Ateneo. What comes next after eating? What else, picture-taking each angle of the place. xD

1:00pm we finished the “bonus round” and we thought that our mission’s done: we saw an Atenista actor and we ate (xD). After we had our bathroom break inside the white and sparkling lavatories, we went back inside the auditorium. There the seminar REALLY began. The title of the event was “The Public and Parochial High School Orientation” lead by Ms. Camille which was about “why Ateneo is the school to choose”. There we learned that the motto of the school’s “Excellence is a choice. Excellence is the Ateneo way.” While we’re waiting for the program to start, a 7-minute video of stunning photography of Ateneo was presented to us. Me and Pau were commenting on each nice photo featured in the slideshow and that made me be aspired to have my 3rd course of choice: Photography. After the slide, the program began, with singing of the anthem and a video which served as our prayer.

The seminar featured 2 speakers, one Atenista and one from another school. The Atenista girl’s Ms. Miriam who presented a video AGAIN, featuring numerous Atenistas talking and describing their home, Ateneo. I could remember that Robi’s there AGAIN xD, Chris Tiu and Nikki Gil. Ms. Miriam discussed different courses offered by the school which were separated in 4 Loyola Schools. I found my “course” which is BS Biology or BS Life Sciences in the school of Science and Engineering. As I was inside the auditorium, I realized that people from Ateneo really speak fluently in English and really are smart, and I think I’m not deserving to be there if ever I’d pass the ACET (entrance exam). As of now, I’m really afraid of going to college for so many reasons:

1.) Life will get complicated
2.) My communication skills are not that good
3.) More sleepless nights
4.) Afraid of being separated away from my friends.

After the 1st speaker, Ms. Fatima Panglinan whom she came from Rizal University I think and now a 3rd Year college student in ADMU. I was really inspired by her story (even she’s still sick making her speech in...straight Filipino) that she began elementary in private school then transferred in public when she went High School. She lost hope and became pessimistic that “Paano ako makakapasok sa school na gusto ko, isa lang akong public school student? (how can I enter the school I like, I’m just a public school student?”.) But she gave her best and now, she’s an Atenista. Wow! I’d like to be like her. I feel down whenever I’m thinking the same thing. Her speech gave me courage that I can do it! :D

Then, the seminar ended. But before that, questions were entertained regarding the applications. There’s one student who’s very funny and caught the “eye” of the “audience” because of his slow, DJ-like way of talking in straight Filipino !” Haha he’s so funny and he asked 3 questions I think which made the sleepyheads inside the room wake up.
“Nais ko sanang maitanong po sa inyo kung paano ninyo ako mahihikayat na dito mag-aral sa Ateneo de Manila University.”

After the whole thing, we left ADMU. I performed my last “touches” and “waves” inside the campus. My wish of visiting my dream school finally came true. I was 1st year when my visit there got intervened because I had flu during that time. Going back, while we were inside the service vehicle, we had comments about entering the school + music & food trip. The application forms given to us were free of charge instead of P500 and we decided to pass them together in July 24. We had our final laughs for the trip and then came home.

Last laugh of our talk:

“Kailan kayo manunuod ng “Transformer?” SHAR-
“Isa lang papanuorin niyo? Transformer?” –LANCE- LOL!

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*blue eagle picture from

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

When he was a boy, he wanted to be a man. When he was a man, he wanted to be a boy again.”

Michael Jackson: The man who struck the whole world for his excellent music. Who could not know this man? People from all continents of the world know him and they entitled him as the “King of Pop”. He may be associated with several hearsays but people from around the globe didn’t lost their trust and love to him. Until the most tragic day came, June 25th this year, the world paused dramatically as it grieved the death of the gifted but troubling superstar.

Michael Jackson was brilliant, excessive, tacky and almost criminal but no one could ignore him. With his creative mind, he transformed music to a whole new level. He had done with almost all of the genres including pop, rock, retro and even Christian-related types of songs which made him one of the most unforgettable performers in the history. He made countless stunning performances on stage, able to command an audience bringing the arena to fits of excitement with his astonishing movies and made them silent when he’s at tears. His every move and irremovable smile made millions of his fans cry, shout his name and make them collapse! That’s how potent Michael Jackson was.

Times after his death, many sites were broken down and malfunctioned due to millions of comments, news and articles about Michael Jackson. Google broke for uncontrollable searches, Twitter received 5,000 tweets per minute and Wikipedia broke with countless edits in Michael Jackson’s article. That’s how his death affected millions of people everywhere. According to the news, his fans cried and felt unwell after hearing his tragic death, in which until now the reason of the death is unknown.

Going back time, his life in music started with his talents. First as a back-up dancer moved on as a lead vocalist in the Jackson 5. His undisputable abilities made him more famous when he became a solo artist and had music videos such as the 13-minute one “Thriller” which made many people hooked to his music. How about his moves? Only he can do the “Moonwalk” and tiptoe then “fall” but keeps his balance. 4 of his 5 albums were very successful but his last one didn’t attract listeners that much. He gave countless contributions in the music industry and most of all his tracks ranked #1 in the US charts, longest was almost 80 weeks. His music was considered to bring the “Blacks” and “Whites” together. He’s a performer who has concern for the environment and spreading of peace throughout the world. His songs made people happy, dance, sing and realize how important our world is. With all these work, to sum up, Michael Jackson was a true genius.

His messages are for the better of our world. They’re all about giving love, spreading peace, friendship, good values and wisdom. I’ve collected some of his inspirational lines from his songs which say:

“Will You Be There?”
“A man should be faithful/ and walk when not able/ and fight ‘til the end”

“You are not Alone”
“You are not alone/ I am here with you/ though you’re far away/ I am here to stay”

“Heal the World”
“Heal the world; make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”
“Love is strong/ it only cares for joyful giving”
“Love's enough for us growing so make a better world”“Create a world with no fear, together we'll cry happy tears”

“Man in the Mirror”
“I'm starting with the man in the mirror/ I'm asking him to change his ways/ And no message could have been any clearer/ If you wanna make the world a better place/Take a look at yourself and then make a change.”

“Wings of My Love”
“When this old world gets you down/ When you’re spirits on the ground/ Just remember I will always be around/ Just climb on the wings of my love.”

“Ben, the two of us need look no more/ We both found what we were looking for/ With a friend to call my own, I’ll never be alone/ And you, my friend, will see/ You’ve a got a friend in me.”

“Earth Song”
“What have we done to the world?/ Look what we've done./ What about all the peace/ That you pledge your only son?/ What about flowering fields? Is there a time? / What about all the dreams/ that you said was yours and mine? / Did you ever stop to notice/All the children dead from war? "

“Black or White”
“Protection for gangs, clubs and nations/ causing grief in human relations/ It's a turf waron a global scale/ I'd rather hear both sides of the tale/ See, it's not about races/ Just places, faces/ Where your blood comes from/ Is where your space is/ I've seen the brightget duller/ I'm not going to spend/ my life being a color"

“I’ll be There”
“I'll reach out my hand to you, I'll have faith in all you do/ just call my name and I'll be there”

That’s Michael Jackson. From the line at the most top of this post, I read it from a magazine. Why is it like that? When he's a boy, he wanted to be full-grown man. But when we was a man, he wanted to be a boy by having his "Neverland" built for he had not quite experienced a virtuous childhood. Until now, for all people around the world, “he will always be the King of Pop”.

Some information came from "Time Magazine Special Commemorative Edition (July Issue): Michael Jackson (1958-2009)"

Ang Life Parang Buhay

Sa 15 taon kong pamumuhay sa mundo, marami na agad akong napapansin. Wala lang, gusto ko lang i-share ang mga kakaibang napapansin ko na pag nalaman niyo na ay mapapasabi kayo ng “oo nga noh..”

1. Kapag nag-aabang ako ng sasakyan, kung ano yung lugar na pupuntahan ko, yung ang madalang na dumaan.

For example, ako ay nag-aaral sa Cainta at kapag nag-aabang ako ng sasakyan, dapat nakalagay ay “Taytay, Parola”. Kapag Monday-Friday (mga araw ng pasok), madalang dumaan ang mga sasakyang may signboard nito. Pero kapag Saturday-Sunday, sangkatutak na “Taytay, Parola” ang dumadaan at pag gusto kong pumunta sa SM Taytay, yun naman ang madalang dumaan pero kapag Mon-Fri, halos lahat nakalagay: “SM Taytay”.

2. Kung ano ang gusto mo, yun ang wala

Kapag namimili sa mall, halimbawa sapatos o damit. Kung ano yung magustuhan kong damit/ sapatos, sasabihin ng saleslady: “Ay sir, wala na pong ganyang size”. Hay naku...

3. Kung nagbaon ka ng “snackables” o kahit anung pagkain sa school, mas mauuna ang iba na makatikim/ makasubo at makakain ng binaon mo.

Lagi ko itong nararanasan sa school. Halimbawa, nagbaon lang ako ng “Pringles”, “Piknik” o “Loacker”, kapag nilabas ko mula sa bag ko, what to expect? “Pahingi Patz”. Kapag nabuksan ko na, sila ang nauuna sa akin na makakain o minsan, wala na akong nakakain. :D

4. Kung ano ang uso, yun ang ginagaya ng lahat. Malaos ka lang nang kaunti, poof! Wala na ang pinauso mo.

Napansin ko rin niyan. Halimbawa, na-uso ang buhok at porma ng F4, di mo namamalayan, nawala lang ang “Meteor Garden”, wala na rin ang mga manggagaya.

5. Kung sino ang kamamatay lang, siya pa ang pinakasikat at ngayon lang pinapansin.

Most recent example ay si Michael Jackson, kung kailan namatay tiyaka pinatugtog ulit ang mga kanta niya. Nung naging matahimik siya for 5-6 years, bihira mong marinig iyon.

Hay, ang tao talaga iba’t iba ang karanasan at hilig. Diba tama naman ang mga nakalagay sa itaas? Just want to share again to the readers. xD I’m running out of ideas for my posts kasi.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Drama sa Loob ng Kahon

Ayan, ako’y nagbabalik sa aking pananagalog dito sa aking blog bilang paghahanda sa Buwan ng Wika kahit ito’y malayo pa! x) Hay, tama na muna ang nakakadugo-ng-ilong na pag-iingles at bigyang-pahinga muna ito sa loob ng 1 buwan.

Ang post kong ito ay batay sa aking mga napapansin at napapanuod. Ibabahagi ko sa mga magbabasa ng aking blog ang tinatawag kong “Teleserye Factors”. Halos lahat ng mga Pilipino ay mahilig manuod ng mga teleserye/ teledrama o kahit ano pa mang tawagin lalo na ang nanay, katulong at minsan kapag naimpluwensiyahan ay mga anak at mga tatay. Sa dami ng napanuod kong mga drama sa TV, marami akong napansin sa mga ito.

1. 99.9% ng mga teleseryeng napanuod ko (mapagawang-Pilipino, Mexican o Asyano) ay puro nalang “love triangle”. Kung hindi man love triangle ay susubok ng ibang shape, “love square” naman. Hay... talaga naman oo, 2 babae na nag-aagawan sa iisang lalake, 2 lalake na nag-aagawan na halos magkamatayan sa isang babae o pwedeng “mahal kita, mahal mo siya, mahal niya ay iba” na mga bagay. Wala nabang ibang lalake/ babae sa mundo? Bakit pinag-aagawan pa nila eh andami pa namang mga available pakalat-kalat? :D

2. 48% ng mga napanuod ko ay umiikot sa hacienda ng karakter sa serye lalo na ang mga mayayaman.

3. 98% ng mga serye ay may mayayaman na mga kontrabida at ang bida ay lagi nalang mahirap. Lagi nalang kinakawawa ang bida. Hay..

4. 86%: May kuwento rin na ang karakter sa una (lalo na ang bida) ay mahirap pero may mga lihim pala at malalaman niya na anak pala siya ng isang mayaman.

5. 92.35% Kapag yumaman na ang dating mahirap na karakter, isa lang ang kanyang dapat gawin: anu pa ba edi maghiganti. Lagi nalang ganun :D

6. 75% Ang mga katulong na nanunungkulan sa isang mayaman ay maiinlab sa kanyang amo. 11 % naman ay nainlab ang employee sa kanyang boss.

7. 96% ng mga kuwento ay puros agawan ng kayamanan, ng asawa, ng hacienda na naman at lahat ng pwedeng agawin! :D

8. 99.1% ng mga napanuod ko ay may sampalan. Kapag hindi nakuntento ang character, sasabunutan naman niya yung isa kahit maiksi buhok nun.

9. 95.111% Kapag nagagalit ang isang karakter, iisa lang ang gagawin niya: ihahagis lahat ng gamit na makikita niya sa eksena na may kasamang “luhod” at “dabog” factor. :D

10. 99.99% Ito ang isang napakacommon: Magkagalit kunwari ang nagmamahalan. Si babae, kunwari, sasabihin niyang “hindi na kita mahal/ hindi kita maaaring mahalin/ hindi kita kailangan/ ayoko na kitang makita!” tapos aalis na si lalake. Pag umalis na si lalake, tiyaka naman iiyak si babae o kaya’y hahabulin yung lalake. Haha!

11. 23% Umiikot ang storya sa ipinamana o nawawalang alahas: singsing, may kuwintas na mag-uugnay sa nagkahiwalay na kasintahan/ kapatid etc.

12. 86% Magkapatid, pinaghiwalay ng tadhana tapos pag malaki na, ang iniibig ng isa ay iniibig ng kapatid kaya labanan na nilang dalawa! :D

13. 97% Okay na ang lahat, kasal na ang nagmamahalan o kaya’y malapit ng ikasal. Hahabaan pa ang storya. Paano? Maaaksidente si lalake/ babae tapos anung sunod? No other than amnesia. May nakilalang bagong babae yung lalake tapos magseselos yung talagang partner niya, love triangle nanaman.

14. 98% Ang kasal na nagmamahalan ay masisira dahil sa isang “woman”. 3rd party/ adultery = kabit.

15. Lastly, sa love triangle, ang isa run, mostly nagpaparaya na lang. Oww..

16. Ay pahabol! Mahilig nga palang magpalayas ang mga magulang sa mga teleserye. Pansin niyo? :D

Totoo lahat ‘yan kasi lagi kong nakikita. Kung may kulang, dagdag niyo nalang or kung may mali, comment niyo po agad! :D


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Are these people?

I can say that watching shows in television is one of my longest pastimes. From channel to channel I check each show and if it’s interesting, then I’ll watch it!
For program types, I love the ones where I can learn something from it. Essential information, quiz shows, lifestyle and even magazine shows are some of my favorite types. Then I learned something appealing from a TV show entitled “Ang Pinaka” (QTV 11) here in the Philippines. It’s based in real life situations and I’d like to share them to you.

The topic is about “THE TOP 10 TOXIC PEOPLE TO AVOID WITH”.

10.) The Judgmental
The people who love to judge and criticize others. They’re just basing their comments on their first looks/ impression without even knowing the real life/ situation of that person. Once they have their unconstructive comments, they may share it to others. They’re judging other people even though those people are not doing anything to them (the judgmentals). They’re doing this just for fun, hobby or interest. In addition, judgmental people are “inclined to make judgments, especially moral or even personal ones” about a person.


Best examples would be the people who love to gossip about showbiz personalities which results to the rumors to spread uncontrolably and becomes an issue to those famous people.

Another example would be during the first day of classes, when there’s a new student, the old students would give comments immediately to that person and can make it worse by telling other people that the student is bad or something like that.

9.) The Parasite
What is a parasite? It’s the insect-like organism which sticks to a host getting something essential from it that causes damage/ injury while doing the process and after leaving it. It can be compared to a person also which we must avoid. The “parasite” is a person who always sticks to you and he does this because he needs something from you. He’ll circle you around and as soon as he gets the right timing to get what he wants from you (with also your concur) and he’s satisfied, he’ll leave you in a snap, renouncing you “with nothing” or “harmed” meaning he set you into something dangerous, like a real parasite.

“Another definition of “parasite” people are are either too lazy to produce any value for themselves, or they are too envious of those who do produce value and seek to live off of others’ work. We know these, the street person who through laziness, addiction or mental health problem cannot and will not produce value for themselves seeking to barely exist by finding whatever is left over from others who do produce value. The other side of the spectrum is the professional who either tricks people and takes their livelihood by criminal means, or seeks to make a living off others by being elected. Of course there are all levels of parasitic people in between those extremes.”

They try to push other people’s boundaries a lot. They try to find their weaknesses and use them to their advantage. Most of them (parasites) wouldn't think of themselves as such. They often don't really seem to realize what they are doing.

8.) The Know-It-All
A person considered to be a “know-it-all” is the one who is intelligent in most aspects most especially noted as “the walking dictionaries/ encyclopedias”. He’s incredibly sharp and smart and he can solve any math problems in just a blink of an eye. But overrated smart people are considered as the ones to be avoided. Since he knows “everything”, he’ll boast about his incredible knowledge to others.

P1: “Oh my God! I can’t solve this problem. It’s really hard!” (“Ang hirap naman nito, di ko masagutan.”)
P2: “That’s a piece of cake! I can solve that in 1 minute, anyone can do that problem. You’re such a slow-learner.” (“Andali lang yan! Kaya ko yan sagutan ng 1 minuto lang. Kahit sino masasagot yan, ang hina mo naman!”)

These “know-it-all” people correct others even their littlest detail of mistakes. After they correct it, they’d leave a negative and insulting remarks to that person who made the mistake. They lack in humility. They can damage someone’s self-esteem because there is something pursuasive about certainty. The trouble is that they can feel hard to deal with, especially if they happen to be the person you’re with. They’re also the ones taking others’ ideas and credit them as their own.

7.) The Dementor
Person who is considered "wild/ crazy" such as those overdosed with alcohol and drugs

6.) Killjoy (KJ)
This kind of person doesn’t know how to have fun, in short “anti-fun”. Also, he will do anything just to prevent others to have fun or such. I can relate to these for I have friends having this kind of “attitude”. The cause of this kind of behavior maybe that they have been strictly prohibited to participate in pleasurable commotions by someone or might be their parents or something like that. Because of maybe stern rules, he has adjusted himself to live life without “color”.

When you invite them to go out, let’s say go to the mall, play games, partake in dancing at the prom or even just for a friendly chat, they have only one thing to say: “no”. They’ll say, “I can’t, I have something to do.” They have no absolute time for any blissful doings, only thinking about their schedules and such. As I observe so far, my friends who are like this are “loners”, no friends and the face is on the ground. They’re kinda boring to be with, always pessimistic, that’s why they’re also called “Negastars” or “negative-thinkers”.

5.) Bastos (Rude people)
Wow! It’s kind of popular here in our country. These are the people who do not respect their neighbors/ anyone. They only care for themselves meaning they’re selfish at all times just to get what they need.

There are many types of “rude” persons. For example, when you have a visitor who surprisingly stops in your house. He’ll greet you “hello” but then without even your consent, he’ll walk straight into your house and go directly to the refrigerator, asking for food. Some even don’t greet you and just go inside your house to your sofa, sitting and relaxing with feet stretched out in display. Isn’t that annoying? Also, when he’s already done with his food, he’ll go to the living room, watch TV, leaving you with the chores. Doesn’t he have the respect of helping you even for cleaning the dishes? Wow! That’s very rude.

Inside the cinema theater, it’s very rude to talk while the movie is being played. Have you experienced that your companion always tells your stories while watching a super-exciting horror movie? His mouth can’t be stopped and you cannot understand the film? That’s being rude. Of course, all people concentrate in listening to the movie and you’ll just blab making unwanted noise? Oh please.

Sticking out your tongue and making “finger” are some rude actions. They don’t show respect to others but insults. Another thing is that when you talk to someone, when your friend / someone’s talking to you and you’re not looking at him, that’s being rude.

We must not let these people ruin our day and realize that it is in that person who has a problem.

4.) The Puppet Master
Puppet masters are also renowned as the “manipulative people”. They are not obvious since they act in a very sneaky way. They can be considered aggressive and hidden in their actions so we cannot pinpoint who are these people. In Filipino, it’s called “mapangdikta”, telling his victim everything that he wants to be done. He says the things that his victim must do and should be finished quickly. It’s like he’s controlling the lives of other people.

Here are some behaviors of puppet masters: their questions are disguised as “statements”, lies and making personal statement and pretending it is someone else’s. They use statements because they don’t ask for they might lose control over his victim. (Ex. “Perhaps you could...”, “I wish you could...”) But for puppet masters with strong personalities, their statements are turned into commands. The victim doesn’t have a perspective in life so they let themselves to be manipulated by others.

They also prefer using “guilt trips” in which they make their victims guilty about doing or not doing something. For example, “Can you do my homework? I thought you have a crush on me?”.

Also, their main tactic is to lie. Here are ways to determine whether someone is lying to you:

- The person is adding unnecessary details to an explanation.
- When you ask for an explanation or a clarification, the person stops and thinks, even though he/she should know the answer right away.
- The person pretends not to know something that he/she obviously knows.
- The person may be laughing nervously.
- The person is not looking at you while speaking, or is looking at you too insistently.
- The person may change the topic of the conversation.
- You feel something is wrong and your body is reacting. Maybe your eyes are squinting and your head is tilted.


3.) User-Friendly
Very common people! :D It’s a little similar to #9 who calls and treats you as “a friend” because he needs something from you or benefited from you.

A little example:
P1: Good thing I have an umbrella!
P2 (UF): Oh, I have no umbrella, uhm wait my friend, best friend!!!
P1: Yes?
P2: Don’t you remember me? I’m your best friend last High school, please can I share with your umbrella?
P1: (confused)

That’s one example. But as soon as the UF has aready obtained what he wanted from you, he’ll leave you immediately. If you’re the one needing help and you ask for his (UF) help, he will not help you at all. They have no “sense of gratitude” for short.

2.) Plastic
This refers to a person who is “unreal” to his neighbors. Plastic people are the ones who are nice to you when you’re with him but as soon as you’re not with him, his evil side shows. They are the ones who are not really trustworthy for they can do anything behind your back.

1.) Traitor
Actually, traitors are similar to plastic people but they are more “evil” than plastic ones. They’re the worse breed with the same behavior as the plastics but once you turn back on them, they’ll do something horrible.

He likes to fool people around and make friends with them. As soon as "he’s been a good friend" with his victim, with the right timing, he’ll bring his victim down. He can gain dark secrets, personal life and other unshared things from his victim and gets his trust from the victim. When the victim confesses his secrets to the traitor, he would lie that he’ll not tell anyone about it but as the victim is unaware, he’s already scattering the secret behind the victim’s back. He has an advantage to it and he’ll use his “weapon” to bring his victim down and life miserable. After the trick, the victim would ask, “What did I do wrong?”

One way to avoid these people is to pick your friends. Do not trust others easily. They are everywhere.

NOTES: Several of the explanations are “sourced” and some are based on my understanding & experiences.
Pictures also are acquired in search engines.

THE END. Hope you learned something from it :D

SILENCE...they say

During the first 7 days of class, I go straight home right after our last subject, literally (after the “goodbye” of my teacher, my things are packed and I’d go directly out of the campus). I thought nobody from the class noticed me being like that leaving them in mid-air until ate Riz asked my mom if I have a problem. I also did a survey asking them “Did I change?”. They also started asking me if I am okay and I answer them with a “no”.

Well, every thing has a reason. The reasons of my unpredictable silence are:

#1: My orthopaedic condition: I experience twinging of my pigeon-breast for many days since classes began. I feel a sharp pain directly on the bone for about 2 minutes and soon will fade away. It will gradualy return in the next 4 hours or so and it will be much painful than before. As of now, I haven’t go to the doctor for check-up because of no time (lots of work to do). But 2 years ago, I had my my bone checked in an Orthopaedic Hospital in Manila and the doctors stated it’s normal. I even shared my condition unexpectedly to one of my teachers and she told me to be careful. I also broke up and cried at school one day because of the extreme pain. It’s still occuring up until now, being one of my most feared conditions I’m suffering.

#2: Paranoia that my classmates changed (from happy-go-lucky to serious ones). I felt that they don’t care for me anymore or even appreciate the things I’m doing for them. I just can’t explain what kind of feeling is this but until now, I’m still thinking about it. I am always thinking that they don’t treat me as their friend or an important element in our class. I feel that I’m not that important to them and they don’t want me to be with them. To the people who’ll read this, is that normal? What should I do? I’m confused with this kind of sentiment until now.

A New Senior's Life

Wow! I’m a 4th year student. It’s just that time’s really fast. I’m included in the section IV – St. Aloysius Gonzaga with 35 are my previous classmates and 4 entered. Well, this is it, the final year of being in High School. It’s now the stepway to College and the time to focus on studies in order to pass entrance exams and to reach my dream: to be something I yearn for since I was in 6th grade. xD

June 7, 2009: The day before school opens. The scariest time for it’s the final day of relaxation. Hay... I took the opportunity to sleep longer on this day for a full-time rest for the next day. But unfortunately, at 7pm. I suffered from inferior colds (runny + clogged nose). I just ignored it by watching TV up to 11pm, also waiting for my dad to sleep. 12:00am, I’m still awake and my colds worsened. I felt heat gradually increased for the next 2 hours. At 3:00am, my temperature rose up to 41 degrees.

Large capsules, bitter tablets and water therapy for 3 days were my saviors. I had a bacterial upper respiratory infection that caused my 2-day absence in class. NOTE: 1st 2 days of SY 08-09 and I’m absent. x( I thought classes will open at June 15 because of the A(H1N1) virus.

June 8-9: Even I was sick, I still applied for UNLITXT. Thanks to my best friend, Juzelle, she gave me the complete details of what I missed during these days (stories, events & homework).

June 10: The day I attended class. Finally! After 3-days of suffering from infection, I was back. I also got to meet my teachers this 4th year:

[English: Mr. Henry Santiago]: He’s the supervisor of the Impromptu Speech Contest last 2008. Ahm, he’s nice but the twist in his class is that we’re not allowed to speak Filipino language! Aww.. It’s quite hard to speak in fluent and straight English! xD We deem him as having a “meek face”. :D

[Accouting: Mr. Jose Jabon]: I consider him as one of the most humorous (funniest) teachers I’ve been to! I like his expressions and his British-like accent. Hehe. We had everyday discussions regarding the subject.

[Filipino: Mrs. Vicky Cruz]: She’s really nice. In her time, as of now, we usually do numerous reports relevant to each chapter of “El Filibusterismo”. In her subject, we’re only allowed to speak in Filipino and write in cursive (good thing I write in cursive!) Break time follows after Filipino.

[C.L: Sr. Mary John]: She’s very nice, patient and conservative. We perform reports and take part in review discussions.

[MAPEH: Mrs. Puri Bernados]: One of the funniest teachers too! I love her jokes most especially when she discusses. We had always discussions so far.

[Physics: Mrs. Bacani]: Bad timing of the subject ‘cause it’s sleepy period. But I don’t get sleepy at Science. Well, she has a strong personality but she teaches well. Up until now, to be frank, I’m still scared on her for an unknown reason. In 3 weeks, she picks up our index card and whoever is picked shall teach the next lesson.

[Math: Mrs. Labitoria]: A combination of Ms. Mendoza, Ms. Waker and Mrs. T. Cruz. She’s funny also but serious during discussion. I love the way she speaks, it’s cute but formal. We had so far 2 quizzes, several discussions and a “Lollipop Game”.

[AP: Mrs. Amalia] Considering teacher of all time! She loves discussions but I don’t usually participate because I don’t have quick critical thinking. xD

By the way, I was destined on the 3rd row, right wing facing the blackboard at the aisle. When I figured out my seat, I thought: “This will be the seat that’s etched on my mind.” Marvin, Apelo & Joed, it’s them. They’re quite remarkable for the teachers and our row is call “B1, 2, 3 + 9” (class numbers of ours). They serve as the “clowns” of the class adding entertainment and non-stop laughter to it and I am their neighboring casualty. I’m just thinking until now that “you can never tell when will a mushroom grow that can decimate it’s contigious breed.”

Also, thanking God, I’m not elected as a “heavy officer” (previously I was the Class President) but even though I was absent on the day of election, my classmates still elected me as P.R.O. English and their reason: Marunong ka kasi mag-English. WHAT? Oh my gas! I’m not a good English speaker. But I think that the responsibilities of this position is trivial, meaning more time to “focus”. xD

Cramming didn’t stop: This “cramming attitude” will never be out of style in our section but I’m trying my best not to do this again ‘cause it’s a bad habit (one source says - *peace classmates!). Even for the filling-up of our UPCAT form became a cramming job. It’s a form which will be sent to the University of the Philippines in order to take the entrance exams there. We were asked what are the courses we like to take if we pass and I wrote BS Biology and BS Journalism as my 1st and 2nd choices respectively (for U.P. Diliman). But since U.P. Manila focuses more on Medicine, without any knowledge about it, I wrote “Speech Pathology” as my 2nd choice there. xD

FEAST DAY: We visited Tahanang Walang Hagdan. It’s on a separate post.

CHOIR: We’ve been assigned to be the “choir” for 2 masses. Filipino, C.L and MAPEH subjects were consequently intervened for practices and Kuya Marvin took place of Sir Jojo Canzana as our mentor.

SPEAKER OF THE DAY: Mr. Santiago would bring his brown mug containing small papers with questions in it. By seat plan, he’ll call us and let us pick a question which will be answered in an “Impromptu Speech Contest” style. When I was called last June 10, I was asked “Who are the people who influenced you the most?” I was not feeling well yet at that time and I just answered “my parents” with few data and I felt I didn’t have my own self back yet.

PHYSICS CONTROVERSY: I think it was last June 22 when our teacher got a little outraged because of our loss of participation. We rarely talked during that time and I remember our lesson was about the “Ways of Problem Solving”. When she’s asking what are the steps, no one answers her. The situation became worse when we can’t figure out the 2nd step. Many of us tried to answer but were all incorrect. Then later it’s revealed that it’s “make an illustration”. After that, she discussed the remaining steps and left us. Some of my us sighed with relief and dismay.

LOLLIPOP GAME: I’m starting to love Math ‘cause I love algebra more than Geometry (:D). Mrs. Labitoria asked who can bring 1 plastic of lollipop. Me and Raisa raised our hands and agreed to being it the next day. The following day, it’s time! We were challenged with tough problems which can be solved using Synthetic or Long Division. *1 lollipop per correct answer and if you raised your hand making it to the first 5.The class’ mathematicians collected lollipops like 1,2,3. They’re so quick but at least I got 3 lollipops. xD

Moving on, I can’t remember what were the things we did in the past 3 weeks. The most important ones are on different posts so watch for them! But I recall that we had numerous choir song practices, tough quizzes, everyday recitations, endless homework, meetings, dance practices and sleepless nights. Good thing typhoon Feria arrived to minimize our stress for we had no classes for 2 days. Too bad we don’t have a 10-day quarantine for the spread of the A(H1N1) virus for more rest (hehe). Whew! I was so tired during those 3 weeks and yet there are still 9 months of non-stop stress.

Aaah! xD I hope we’ll have rest next week.


Proudly Pinoy!