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Are these people?

I can say that watching shows in television is one of my longest pastimes. From channel to channel I check each show and if it’s interesting, then I’ll watch it!
For program types, I love the ones where I can learn something from it. Essential information, quiz shows, lifestyle and even magazine shows are some of my favorite types. Then I learned something appealing from a TV show entitled “Ang Pinaka” (QTV 11) here in the Philippines. It’s based in real life situations and I’d like to share them to you.

The topic is about “THE TOP 10 TOXIC PEOPLE TO AVOID WITH”.

10.) The Judgmental
The people who love to judge and criticize others. They’re just basing their comments on their first looks/ impression without even knowing the real life/ situation of that person. Once they have their unconstructive comments, they may share it to others. They’re judging other people even though those people are not doing anything to them (the judgmentals). They’re doing this just for fun, hobby or interest. In addition, judgmental people are “inclined to make judgments, especially moral or even personal ones” about a person.


Best examples would be the people who love to gossip about showbiz personalities which results to the rumors to spread uncontrolably and becomes an issue to those famous people.

Another example would be during the first day of classes, when there’s a new student, the old students would give comments immediately to that person and can make it worse by telling other people that the student is bad or something like that.

9.) The Parasite
What is a parasite? It’s the insect-like organism which sticks to a host getting something essential from it that causes damage/ injury while doing the process and after leaving it. It can be compared to a person also which we must avoid. The “parasite” is a person who always sticks to you and he does this because he needs something from you. He’ll circle you around and as soon as he gets the right timing to get what he wants from you (with also your concur) and he’s satisfied, he’ll leave you in a snap, renouncing you “with nothing” or “harmed” meaning he set you into something dangerous, like a real parasite.

“Another definition of “parasite” people are are either too lazy to produce any value for themselves, or they are too envious of those who do produce value and seek to live off of others’ work. We know these, the street person who through laziness, addiction or mental health problem cannot and will not produce value for themselves seeking to barely exist by finding whatever is left over from others who do produce value. The other side of the spectrum is the professional who either tricks people and takes their livelihood by criminal means, or seeks to make a living off others by being elected. Of course there are all levels of parasitic people in between those extremes.”

They try to push other people’s boundaries a lot. They try to find their weaknesses and use them to their advantage. Most of them (parasites) wouldn't think of themselves as such. They often don't really seem to realize what they are doing.

8.) The Know-It-All
A person considered to be a “know-it-all” is the one who is intelligent in most aspects most especially noted as “the walking dictionaries/ encyclopedias”. He’s incredibly sharp and smart and he can solve any math problems in just a blink of an eye. But overrated smart people are considered as the ones to be avoided. Since he knows “everything”, he’ll boast about his incredible knowledge to others.

P1: “Oh my God! I can’t solve this problem. It’s really hard!” (“Ang hirap naman nito, di ko masagutan.”)
P2: “That’s a piece of cake! I can solve that in 1 minute, anyone can do that problem. You’re such a slow-learner.” (“Andali lang yan! Kaya ko yan sagutan ng 1 minuto lang. Kahit sino masasagot yan, ang hina mo naman!”)

These “know-it-all” people correct others even their littlest detail of mistakes. After they correct it, they’d leave a negative and insulting remarks to that person who made the mistake. They lack in humility. They can damage someone’s self-esteem because there is something pursuasive about certainty. The trouble is that they can feel hard to deal with, especially if they happen to be the person you’re with. They’re also the ones taking others’ ideas and credit them as their own.

7.) The Dementor
Person who is considered "wild/ crazy" such as those overdosed with alcohol and drugs

6.) Killjoy (KJ)
This kind of person doesn’t know how to have fun, in short “anti-fun”. Also, he will do anything just to prevent others to have fun or such. I can relate to these for I have friends having this kind of “attitude”. The cause of this kind of behavior maybe that they have been strictly prohibited to participate in pleasurable commotions by someone or might be their parents or something like that. Because of maybe stern rules, he has adjusted himself to live life without “color”.

When you invite them to go out, let’s say go to the mall, play games, partake in dancing at the prom or even just for a friendly chat, they have only one thing to say: “no”. They’ll say, “I can’t, I have something to do.” They have no absolute time for any blissful doings, only thinking about their schedules and such. As I observe so far, my friends who are like this are “loners”, no friends and the face is on the ground. They’re kinda boring to be with, always pessimistic, that’s why they’re also called “Negastars” or “negative-thinkers”.

5.) Bastos (Rude people)
Wow! It’s kind of popular here in our country. These are the people who do not respect their neighbors/ anyone. They only care for themselves meaning they’re selfish at all times just to get what they need.

There are many types of “rude” persons. For example, when you have a visitor who surprisingly stops in your house. He’ll greet you “hello” but then without even your consent, he’ll walk straight into your house and go directly to the refrigerator, asking for food. Some even don’t greet you and just go inside your house to your sofa, sitting and relaxing with feet stretched out in display. Isn’t that annoying? Also, when he’s already done with his food, he’ll go to the living room, watch TV, leaving you with the chores. Doesn’t he have the respect of helping you even for cleaning the dishes? Wow! That’s very rude.

Inside the cinema theater, it’s very rude to talk while the movie is being played. Have you experienced that your companion always tells your stories while watching a super-exciting horror movie? His mouth can’t be stopped and you cannot understand the film? That’s being rude. Of course, all people concentrate in listening to the movie and you’ll just blab making unwanted noise? Oh please.

Sticking out your tongue and making “finger” are some rude actions. They don’t show respect to others but insults. Another thing is that when you talk to someone, when your friend / someone’s talking to you and you’re not looking at him, that’s being rude.

We must not let these people ruin our day and realize that it is in that person who has a problem.

4.) The Puppet Master
Puppet masters are also renowned as the “manipulative people”. They are not obvious since they act in a very sneaky way. They can be considered aggressive and hidden in their actions so we cannot pinpoint who are these people. In Filipino, it’s called “mapangdikta”, telling his victim everything that he wants to be done. He says the things that his victim must do and should be finished quickly. It’s like he’s controlling the lives of other people.

Here are some behaviors of puppet masters: their questions are disguised as “statements”, lies and making personal statement and pretending it is someone else’s. They use statements because they don’t ask for they might lose control over his victim. (Ex. “Perhaps you could...”, “I wish you could...”) But for puppet masters with strong personalities, their statements are turned into commands. The victim doesn’t have a perspective in life so they let themselves to be manipulated by others.

They also prefer using “guilt trips” in which they make their victims guilty about doing or not doing something. For example, “Can you do my homework? I thought you have a crush on me?”.

Also, their main tactic is to lie. Here are ways to determine whether someone is lying to you:

- The person is adding unnecessary details to an explanation.
- When you ask for an explanation or a clarification, the person stops and thinks, even though he/she should know the answer right away.
- The person pretends not to know something that he/she obviously knows.
- The person may be laughing nervously.
- The person is not looking at you while speaking, or is looking at you too insistently.
- The person may change the topic of the conversation.
- You feel something is wrong and your body is reacting. Maybe your eyes are squinting and your head is tilted.


3.) User-Friendly
Very common people! :D It’s a little similar to #9 who calls and treats you as “a friend” because he needs something from you or benefited from you.

A little example:
P1: Good thing I have an umbrella!
P2 (UF): Oh, I have no umbrella, uhm wait my friend, best friend!!!
P1: Yes?
P2: Don’t you remember me? I’m your best friend last High school, please can I share with your umbrella?
P1: (confused)

That’s one example. But as soon as the UF has aready obtained what he wanted from you, he’ll leave you immediately. If you’re the one needing help and you ask for his (UF) help, he will not help you at all. They have no “sense of gratitude” for short.

2.) Plastic
This refers to a person who is “unreal” to his neighbors. Plastic people are the ones who are nice to you when you’re with him but as soon as you’re not with him, his evil side shows. They are the ones who are not really trustworthy for they can do anything behind your back.

1.) Traitor
Actually, traitors are similar to plastic people but they are more “evil” than plastic ones. They’re the worse breed with the same behavior as the plastics but once you turn back on them, they’ll do something horrible.

He likes to fool people around and make friends with them. As soon as "he’s been a good friend" with his victim, with the right timing, he’ll bring his victim down. He can gain dark secrets, personal life and other unshared things from his victim and gets his trust from the victim. When the victim confesses his secrets to the traitor, he would lie that he’ll not tell anyone about it but as the victim is unaware, he’s already scattering the secret behind the victim’s back. He has an advantage to it and he’ll use his “weapon” to bring his victim down and life miserable. After the trick, the victim would ask, “What did I do wrong?”

One way to avoid these people is to pick your friends. Do not trust others easily. They are everywhere.

NOTES: Several of the explanations are “sourced” and some are based on my understanding & experiences.
Pictures also are acquired in search engines.

THE END. Hope you learned something from it :D

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*pats eto articLe. :]

4 St. Aloysius Gonzaga Celebrates Feast Day

“Instead of making ourselves happy, why don’t we make others happy?”
- Mr. Henry Santiago

4 St. Aloysius Gonzaga leaves their legacy by celebrating their meaningful feast day, not with the typical movie marathons or games, but by visiting Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, an industrial workshop and rehabilitation center located at Marick subdivision in Cainta, Rizal.

The feast day should have been celebrated last June 21, 2009, but due to various difficulties that came, it was moved to July 3,2009, Friday.

Each person in class contributed an equal amount of money, not only for the enough food that the section would feast on, but also for the various materials such as coloring books, art materials and toiletries which would be given for the children in the “Tahanan”.

With the help of Mrs. Bechaida, the class was led to the place. Upon entering, everyone was welcomed by Kuya Resty, who then led the class to a room wherein a short film/documentary was to be showed. This short film showed the lives of those in the tahanan, wherein everyone had the chance to be productive, by attending classes or taking part in various activities that included making useful and beautiful crafts.

A program was then done inside a room. A student in the class led the opening prayer then an introduction was then made that had emphasis on the life of the patron, St. Aloysius Gonzaga. The program then included interactions with those in the Tahanan, followed by an action song, “Ang mga Ibon”. Another representative of the class taught catechism, centered on the life of Jesus Christ and his apostles. Games for both kinder students ans those with disabilities were also done. Students from the class has intermission numbers and those from the Tahanan had intermission numbers in return. A gift giving was done wherein everyone in the Tahanan was given loot bags containing coloring books, art materials, sweets, and toiletries.

Before leaving, the whole class had a tour around the vicinity wherein everyone witnessed the activites done by the people inside and how the various articles were made.

The visit was truly a very remarkable and memorable experience for each and everyone in the class.

"It is not what a man has lost but what he has left that is important."
- House With No Steps Motto

*pats yan na. D na qo nagbanggit ng mga names ng classmates para fair. Haha pero kung gusto mo ilagay yung mga naglead ng prayer okaya mga nagintro kaw baha:a. Xenxa na sa grammar. Edit mo na Lang. :]

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