Sunday, July 26, 2009

I just want to ask..

Life & our world are full of mysteries. There are still secrets veiled and waiting to be discovered in our life and the world. Below you're about to read the questions I want to ask with the world (some questions are tricky & for fun, some are real) that still remain unanswered. If you know the answer, comments are within acceptable limits. :D

1. I watch television everyday with clear signals resulting to clear pictures. Suddenly, I perceive the sound of an airplane fluttering above our location. Then, when it starts to get ahead of our house, it causes "waves" on the TV screen (pictures displayed) like losing signal. Why does this happen?

2. Who said that raising of the middle finger is bad/ expressing the bad word "***k"?
3. Why do people tend to press harder on remote controls if they know that the batteries are dead?

4. Why "Auroras" only occur in cold regions/ continents?

5. Why small ticks are hard to eradicate?

6. Why do soldiers, pilots I think and police officers use the words "mayday", "roger" while using radios/ walkie-talkies? Is it also necessary to say "over" & "out" after each sentence they say on these "talkies"?

7. Why do sharks frequently display their dorsal fin above water?

8. Is there a reason why most "Blacks" have somewhat similar voices?
9. Why do things seem to look darker when they get wet?
10. Who made "computer viruses"? Where do these come from?
11. Why's the sky blue?
12. Why do people tend to "pee" when they drink softdrinks/ alcoholic drinks?
13. Do starfishes have faces?
14. Why some people are hairy & not hairy?
15. Why some gums can make "bubble" others are just for chewing?
16. Is there any way to remove ballpen marks on plastics (covers/ mantel)?
17. Why people get dizzy after drinking alcohol?

18. Do jellyfishes have eyes?

19. There's a person who, before leaving his house, removed all the plugs from the outlets. As soon as he leaves, he tends to wonder "did I really removed all the plugs" causing him to return and check again. Is there a name for this behavior?
20. Why do "sit up" and "sit down" mean the same thing?
21. Why do crackers have holes, not cracks?
22. Why some people have very oily skin?
23. Why dogs show aggression to cats? Cats to birds/ fish?
24. Why do we get drowsy and teary-eyed when we have colds?
25. Are pancakes and hotcakes the same?

26. Does milk make a person smart?

27. Is work a form of God's punishment to us?
Comment your answers! :) Thank you.
*images are taken from Wikipedia and Google Images

2 remarks:

Traveliztera said...

wikipedia mode... hehehe!!!

na-try mo na bang masira ung signal kapag lumalapit ka sa radio?

♥superjaid♥ said...

ang sasagutin ko lang ung 2 questions about starfish..and my answer is YES, bakit si patrick may mukha at mata?haha Ü anyways,seriously,dun sa roger over thingy,i think yun paggamit nila ng mga ganun salita is some kind of a code..ganun,hehe


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