Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Man in the Mirror

When he was a boy, he wanted to be a man. When he was a man, he wanted to be a boy again.”

Michael Jackson: The man who struck the whole world for his excellent music. Who could not know this man? People from all continents of the world know him and they entitled him as the “King of Pop”. He may be associated with several hearsays but people from around the globe didn’t lost their trust and love to him. Until the most tragic day came, June 25th this year, the world paused dramatically as it grieved the death of the gifted but troubling superstar.

Michael Jackson was brilliant, excessive, tacky and almost criminal but no one could ignore him. With his creative mind, he transformed music to a whole new level. He had done with almost all of the genres including pop, rock, retro and even Christian-related types of songs which made him one of the most unforgettable performers in the history. He made countless stunning performances on stage, able to command an audience bringing the arena to fits of excitement with his astonishing movies and made them silent when he’s at tears. His every move and irremovable smile made millions of his fans cry, shout his name and make them collapse! That’s how potent Michael Jackson was.

Times after his death, many sites were broken down and malfunctioned due to millions of comments, news and articles about Michael Jackson. Google broke for uncontrollable searches, Twitter received 5,000 tweets per minute and Wikipedia broke with countless edits in Michael Jackson’s article. That’s how his death affected millions of people everywhere. According to the news, his fans cried and felt unwell after hearing his tragic death, in which until now the reason of the death is unknown.

Going back time, his life in music started with his talents. First as a back-up dancer moved on as a lead vocalist in the Jackson 5. His undisputable abilities made him more famous when he became a solo artist and had music videos such as the 13-minute one “Thriller” which made many people hooked to his music. How about his moves? Only he can do the “Moonwalk” and tiptoe then “fall” but keeps his balance. 4 of his 5 albums were very successful but his last one didn’t attract listeners that much. He gave countless contributions in the music industry and most of all his tracks ranked #1 in the US charts, longest was almost 80 weeks. His music was considered to bring the “Blacks” and “Whites” together. He’s a performer who has concern for the environment and spreading of peace throughout the world. His songs made people happy, dance, sing and realize how important our world is. With all these work, to sum up, Michael Jackson was a true genius.

His messages are for the better of our world. They’re all about giving love, spreading peace, friendship, good values and wisdom. I’ve collected some of his inspirational lines from his songs which say:

“Will You Be There?”
“A man should be faithful/ and walk when not able/ and fight ‘til the end”

“You are not Alone”
“You are not alone/ I am here with you/ though you’re far away/ I am here to stay”

“Heal the World”
“Heal the world; make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”
“Love is strong/ it only cares for joyful giving”
“Love's enough for us growing so make a better world”“Create a world with no fear, together we'll cry happy tears”

“Man in the Mirror”
“I'm starting with the man in the mirror/ I'm asking him to change his ways/ And no message could have been any clearer/ If you wanna make the world a better place/Take a look at yourself and then make a change.”

“Wings of My Love”
“When this old world gets you down/ When you’re spirits on the ground/ Just remember I will always be around/ Just climb on the wings of my love.”

“Ben, the two of us need look no more/ We both found what we were looking for/ With a friend to call my own, I’ll never be alone/ And you, my friend, will see/ You’ve a got a friend in me.”

“Earth Song”
“What have we done to the world?/ Look what we've done./ What about all the peace/ That you pledge your only son?/ What about flowering fields? Is there a time? / What about all the dreams/ that you said was yours and mine? / Did you ever stop to notice/All the children dead from war? "

“Black or White”
“Protection for gangs, clubs and nations/ causing grief in human relations/ It's a turf waron a global scale/ I'd rather hear both sides of the tale/ See, it's not about races/ Just places, faces/ Where your blood comes from/ Is where your space is/ I've seen the brightget duller/ I'm not going to spend/ my life being a color"

“I’ll be There”
“I'll reach out my hand to you, I'll have faith in all you do/ just call my name and I'll be there”

That’s Michael Jackson. From the line at the most top of this post, I read it from a magazine. Why is it like that? When he's a boy, he wanted to be full-grown man. But when we was a man, he wanted to be a boy by having his "Neverland" built for he had not quite experienced a virtuous childhood. Until now, for all people around the world, “he will always be the King of Pop”.

Some information came from "Time Magazine Special Commemorative Edition (July Issue): Michael Jackson (1958-2009)"

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raiChie_0823 said...

nice post :D

karapatdapat nga siyang i- clap clap.....

Marianne said...

Ba't kaya ganun? Kung kailan naman patay na ang isang tao, parang dun lang nila binubuhay (ang mga ala-ala), samantalang nung buhay pa sya, puro pangba-backstab ang ginagawa ng tao sa kanya. Haaay... I guess ganyan talaga ang haybu... =(

raiChie_0823 said...

to iane..

hmmmm....tama nga...tama nga lagi ang kasabihan....tatayuan ka lang ng statwa sa isang park pag nmatay kana...

Traveliztera said...

nice post!

tama nga ung sabi nila... kung kelan nga naman namatay, tsaka nalang pinapansin... people should change such attitude... dapat ina-appreciate ang tao habang buhay pa para naman maging masaya ung tao habang may buhay pa...

CHONG x] said...

right. tama. i agree. but at Least kahit nung buhay pa siya e madaming binabatong accusations , hindi naman siya naging washed up.

*nice. 3 in 1 ang pagpost. haha. xD

Sweet Strawberries said...

okayyyy, i feel weird leaving this comment. I wasn't exactly a big Michael jackson fan, my parents have storng opinions about everything and banned his music from our house when the child molestation charges against him were, well, charged against him. I've only heard one of his songs before and it was good but not great for me. Way to go thoogh on posting a non-accusations blog for Michael Jackson, at least someone is showing proper respect for the dead.


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