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A New Senior's Life

Wow! I’m a 4th year student. It’s just that time’s really fast. I’m included in the section IV – St. Aloysius Gonzaga with 35 are my previous classmates and 4 entered. Well, this is it, the final year of being in High School. It’s now the stepway to College and the time to focus on studies in order to pass entrance exams and to reach my dream: to be something I yearn for since I was in 6th grade. xD

June 7, 2009: The day before school opens. The scariest time for it’s the final day of relaxation. Hay... I took the opportunity to sleep longer on this day for a full-time rest for the next day. But unfortunately, at 7pm. I suffered from inferior colds (runny + clogged nose). I just ignored it by watching TV up to 11pm, also waiting for my dad to sleep. 12:00am, I’m still awake and my colds worsened. I felt heat gradually increased for the next 2 hours. At 3:00am, my temperature rose up to 41 degrees.

Large capsules, bitter tablets and water therapy for 3 days were my saviors. I had a bacterial upper respiratory infection that caused my 2-day absence in class. NOTE: 1st 2 days of SY 08-09 and I’m absent. x( I thought classes will open at June 15 because of the A(H1N1) virus.

June 8-9: Even I was sick, I still applied for UNLITXT. Thanks to my best friend, Juzelle, she gave me the complete details of what I missed during these days (stories, events & homework).

June 10: The day I attended class. Finally! After 3-days of suffering from infection, I was back. I also got to meet my teachers this 4th year:

[English: Mr. Henry Santiago]: He’s the supervisor of the Impromptu Speech Contest last 2008. Ahm, he’s nice but the twist in his class is that we’re not allowed to speak Filipino language! Aww.. It’s quite hard to speak in fluent and straight English! xD We deem him as having a “meek face”. :D

[Accouting: Mr. Jose Jabon]: I consider him as one of the most humorous (funniest) teachers I’ve been to! I like his expressions and his British-like accent. Hehe. We had everyday discussions regarding the subject.

[Filipino: Mrs. Vicky Cruz]: She’s really nice. In her time, as of now, we usually do numerous reports relevant to each chapter of “El Filibusterismo”. In her subject, we’re only allowed to speak in Filipino and write in cursive (good thing I write in cursive!) Break time follows after Filipino.

[C.L: Sr. Mary John]: She’s very nice, patient and conservative. We perform reports and take part in review discussions.

[MAPEH: Mrs. Puri Bernados]: One of the funniest teachers too! I love her jokes most especially when she discusses. We had always discussions so far.

[Physics: Mrs. Bacani]: Bad timing of the subject ‘cause it’s sleepy period. But I don’t get sleepy at Science. Well, she has a strong personality but she teaches well. Up until now, to be frank, I’m still scared on her for an unknown reason. In 3 weeks, she picks up our index card and whoever is picked shall teach the next lesson.

[Math: Mrs. Labitoria]: A combination of Ms. Mendoza, Ms. Waker and Mrs. T. Cruz. She’s funny also but serious during discussion. I love the way she speaks, it’s cute but formal. We had so far 2 quizzes, several discussions and a “Lollipop Game”.

[AP: Mrs. Amalia] Considering teacher of all time! She loves discussions but I don’t usually participate because I don’t have quick critical thinking. xD

By the way, I was destined on the 3rd row, right wing facing the blackboard at the aisle. When I figured out my seat, I thought: “This will be the seat that’s etched on my mind.” Marvin, Apelo & Joed, it’s them. They’re quite remarkable for the teachers and our row is call “B1, 2, 3 + 9” (class numbers of ours). They serve as the “clowns” of the class adding entertainment and non-stop laughter to it and I am their neighboring casualty. I’m just thinking until now that “you can never tell when will a mushroom grow that can decimate it’s contigious breed.”

Also, thanking God, I’m not elected as a “heavy officer” (previously I was the Class President) but even though I was absent on the day of election, my classmates still elected me as P.R.O. English and their reason: Marunong ka kasi mag-English. WHAT? Oh my gas! I’m not a good English speaker. But I think that the responsibilities of this position is trivial, meaning more time to “focus”. xD

Cramming didn’t stop: This “cramming attitude” will never be out of style in our section but I’m trying my best not to do this again ‘cause it’s a bad habit (one source says - *peace classmates!). Even for the filling-up of our UPCAT form became a cramming job. It’s a form which will be sent to the University of the Philippines in order to take the entrance exams there. We were asked what are the courses we like to take if we pass and I wrote BS Biology and BS Journalism as my 1st and 2nd choices respectively (for U.P. Diliman). But since U.P. Manila focuses more on Medicine, without any knowledge about it, I wrote “Speech Pathology” as my 2nd choice there. xD

FEAST DAY: We visited Tahanang Walang Hagdan. It’s on a separate post.

CHOIR: We’ve been assigned to be the “choir” for 2 masses. Filipino, C.L and MAPEH subjects were consequently intervened for practices and Kuya Marvin took place of Sir Jojo Canzana as our mentor.

SPEAKER OF THE DAY: Mr. Santiago would bring his brown mug containing small papers with questions in it. By seat plan, he’ll call us and let us pick a question which will be answered in an “Impromptu Speech Contest” style. When I was called last June 10, I was asked “Who are the people who influenced you the most?” I was not feeling well yet at that time and I just answered “my parents” with few data and I felt I didn’t have my own self back yet.

PHYSICS CONTROVERSY: I think it was last June 22 when our teacher got a little outraged because of our loss of participation. We rarely talked during that time and I remember our lesson was about the “Ways of Problem Solving”. When she’s asking what are the steps, no one answers her. The situation became worse when we can’t figure out the 2nd step. Many of us tried to answer but were all incorrect. Then later it’s revealed that it’s “make an illustration”. After that, she discussed the remaining steps and left us. Some of my us sighed with relief and dismay.

LOLLIPOP GAME: I’m starting to love Math ‘cause I love algebra more than Geometry (:D). Mrs. Labitoria asked who can bring 1 plastic of lollipop. Me and Raisa raised our hands and agreed to being it the next day. The following day, it’s time! We were challenged with tough problems which can be solved using Synthetic or Long Division. *1 lollipop per correct answer and if you raised your hand making it to the first 5.The class’ mathematicians collected lollipops like 1,2,3. They’re so quick but at least I got 3 lollipops. xD

Moving on, I can’t remember what were the things we did in the past 3 weeks. The most important ones are on different posts so watch for them! But I recall that we had numerous choir song practices, tough quizzes, everyday recitations, endless homework, meetings, dance practices and sleepless nights. Good thing typhoon Feria arrived to minimize our stress for we had no classes for 2 days. Too bad we don’t have a 10-day quarantine for the spread of the A(H1N1) virus for more rest (hehe). Whew! I was so tired during those 3 weeks and yet there are still 9 months of non-stop stress.

Aaah! xD I hope we’ll have rest next week.

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