Thursday, June 4, 2009

Delightfully Scary!

I’m really hooked in watching films especially in the horror-genre. But the typical “ghost-haunting” scenes and horror flavour are not my type. I like slasher films (which is still under the Horror category) especially ones that involve bloody and gory scenes or to simplify the films with serial killers. I’m also fond of “demon” films with demons tormenting its victims and the like or just for the “surprise” factors of a movie.

Last June 3, 2009 (just this Wednesday), me and my mom watched the newly-shown film here in the Philippines entitled Drag Me to Hell. The trailers publicized in the television really persuaded me to watch it.

11:20am: The time we bought out peach-colored tickets then went in theatre / cinema #2. We gave our passes to the young man as the “ticket-collector” (I don’t know the right term) and then he spoke with a warning: “Ma’am (to my mom), nakakatakot po talaga ang pelikulang yan. Ingat po kayo”. Woooh! *Nanuod na siya agad XD!

When we got inside, only 5 of us are there in the theatre: 3 boys & 2 girls. The movie started at 10:20am, we’re in the half-part. We finished the film and started it all over again. We finished at around 3:00pm. As for my appraisal:

“The film was very, very, very scary! The scenes were very light but very convincing. The scares and “surprise” attacks of the demon made me jump out of my seat. I really love films with scenes of no background music / sound for a few seconds then you’ll never know when it will surprise the victim plus the hair-tingling sound effects / music! Some scenes were very terrifying and I can say ghastly which were unpleasant to watch but very well.”Drag Me to Hell” delivered endless scares and screams to the viewers and as for me; it haunted me in my dreams! Excellent special and sound effects and the cast also especially Alison Lohman, I really loved her acting there. Therefore, the film’s frightening and wonderfully good! Love it when I scream. Oh and I’ll never forget its startling twist ending.”

Now I realized the ticket collector was right. XD

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