Monday, June 1, 2009

Will These Truths Set Me Free?

"Truth is always strange — stranger than fiction."
~ Lord Byron

Finally I got some time to write in my old blog site 'cause it's never been updated for the past 2 months. :)

November 2007: There’s this one book that caught my attention. It’s called The Book of Answers”. This book contains numerous answers (that’s why it’s called “The Book of Answers” right?). The person who’ll use it must have a question in his mind that could only be answered by either a “yes” or a “no”. If the user has his question and he’s able to concentrate with it, he’ll just simply open the book and whatever words come in display, that’s the answer to his question. If any occasion the answer is “too far away” from the question, he can repeat the processes of questioning and opening the book.

I, as an owner of this super rare book, have asked some questions. The phrases/ words below the questions were the answers from the book:

1.) Will I be able to go to South Korea?
- That would be a waste of money
* Why?? I have a dream there :(

2.) Will I get married someday?
- Don't be ridiculous.
* Well, it's not one of my plans and I have a call.

3.) Will I have a girlfriend?
- Never
* That's a relief :D

4.) Will I get any fatter?
- The answer is in your backyard
* I'll eat all the plants there?

5.) Am I the problem carrier of my family?
- Remove your obstacles
* Oh no!
6.) Am I going to achieve the "thing" that I yearn for in my last year in High School?
- Shift your focus
* Okay, I trust this answer.

7.) Will my first day in class ths June 8 be good?
- It's gonna be great
* Really?

8.) Will I be successful someday?
- You must act now
* Okay.

9.) Am I cute?
- Yes
* I've known it since I was 10 years old. :D (kidding)

10.) Are the answers from this book (The Book of Answers) true?
- It will bring you good luck

11.) Will I be able to go to parties/ disco nights when I'm in college?
- That would be a waste of money
* Am I not allowed?

12.) Will I be able to see the "Seoul" pair in South Korea someday?
- Definitely
* I love this answer!

Haha! Hope these answers are all true especially the last question. This book is just for fun-sake but SOME may come true. BUT WE hold the outcome of our very own lives meaning we don't rely our future to this book, it's up to us. Is that right?


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