Friday, March 20, 2009

A Sweet Delicious Treat

Oh! It’s time for vacation. A time to relax, chill and to explore new things. March 19, 2009, me and my mom went to SM Megamall to buy VCD’s and DVD’s of movies for us to watch this 2-month vacation. She’ll also acquire a dress she needs for the wedding we’re about to attend this coming Sunday.

To make the long story short, when we bought all the things we needed, it’s time for the final stop: Krispy Kreme! We are unaware that the store had their new edition of doughnuts, they called it Chocolate Karnival. I craved very much when I saw the tarpaulin of their primary new doughnut, Chocolate Glazed which was quite similar with Original Glazed. I didn’t wait any longer and we purchase 1 dozen of doughnuts: 6 Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate and 6 Chocolate Glazed. When we got into the FX, I ate 1 Chocolate Glazed doughnut.

The doughnut was really delectable & mouth-watering! Even you just look at it, you will be tempted to eat it. It differs much greatly to Original Glazed for it has a touch of sweet milk chocolate I guess. Instead of the original recipe applied to the soft, supple and white doughnut base, it is covered to the highest degree with oh so sweet, enticing, rewarding and sugary chocolate glaze that ooze down and never let a single spot of the white doughnut base. When I took my first bite onto it, it felt heaven in my mouth because primarily of the soft base followed by the overflow of the chocolate glaze that made me sense the “melt-in-your-mouth experience” which is same to the original one. I will never forget this doughnut and it became my 2nd favorite, trailing behind the Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate! It’s really perfect for chocolate lovers, like me :D.

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