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Practicing my English language: Forget about the typo and grammatical errors :D

I really believe that luxury and comfort will come after tough, demanding and gruelling work and activities from the past 10 months of class. Within those days I bid farewell of being an adolescent ‘cause I really feel that I’m a TEEN. Goodbye Red and soon hello to Blue! But before the time I’m going to wear my Blue ID cord, of course the span of almost 12 weeks of unwinding came first and a lot of stories happened and I’ll share what I did this summer (aside doing household chores).

Oh yes, the wedding, right. That was my 2nd time to be present at a wedding ceremony AND 1st time to see a live “you may kiss a bride” part of the rite X). Sweet catering at the reception came after the rite, with such delectable dishes: blue marlin, steaks etc. Although I never drink iced tea BEFORE, I forced myself to imbibe it. But after I drank the whole “glass”, my digestive machine broke causing such painful and burning sensation in my stomach. The “burn” circulates around my abdomen. For the whole information of my pain, visit my site. This became the reason of our (family’s) departure not to mention it’s also very late.

The “curse” I call continued for 5 weeks. At first I kept it a secret but soon the pain just won’t fade being the cause of my 2-day hospitalization (take note: Holy Thursday – Good Friday). There were possibilities of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), gastritis and even ulcer. The result of tests: hyperacidity. After some treatment, it went away.

I love watching movies! Estimated count of movies that I watched this summer was 50+. 30+ in DVDs, 20+ in television and 3 in the big screen. Wow! Those maybe the causes of my 250-150 eye grade but I tried to lessen the habit. Since Blu-ray came here in the Philippines, clearer entertainment made me happy. Also, as I browse the net for some interesting ones, I got interested in post-apocalyptic films such as “I am Legend” & “28 Days Later”. But so far, films like “E.T: Extra-Terrestrial”, “Amityville Horror (2006)”, “The Messengers”, “BFF: Best Friends Forever”, “T2” and “You Changed My Life” became my favorites.

Aside from movies, I spent my summer watching shows in TV. For the first time in my life, I learned to watch comedy-drama-romantic dramas such as “Kambal sa Uma”, “Tayong Dalawa”, “Only You” and “Boys Over Flowers”. Also I will never forget this one show run via clay-animation which made me wake up very early this summer: Pingu. At first I thought its language is just “adlib” or Swiss language because the show’s from Switzerland, but I later found out it’s Penguinese. It’s very cute and just disregard the “talking” because you’ll learn a lot from it. I wake up every 6:00am just to watch it then sleep another 2 hours after watching it.

Also, I got chances to watch my most favourite variety game show, “Wowowee” completely this summer. No boring episodes ever and the funny thing is I dance during their introduction. In addition, I’m more updated with the world because I finally get to watch the news.

It just seems like I can’t live without entertainment!

Downloading songs became one of my computer habits this summer. Every show that I’m interested in, I download the songs from its soundtrack like “Boys over Flowers” and “Hot Shot”. I just ignore the lyrics because I don’t understand Mandarin or even Korean, I’m after to the “sound” or the melody of the song. I treat my cellphone as my iPod for the reason that I use it as a music player and not as a communicating device anymore.

One pastime I do is to read and read and read. I don’t actually open my upcoming school books during summer or scan my previous lessons but I read general info in the internet, magazines and books. You may disagree on that but I just never do that “reviewing stuff”. To tell the truth, I learned many things when I read everyday and that’s when I comprehended that the phrase posted in our school library “Read to Lead!” is true. Even topics unrelated to our school subjects such as cryptozoology, astrology and the like became my fields of interest. I love reading!!! :D

You’re probably wondering why the title’s like that. It’s just last March 26, 2009, after 2 months of my friends’ convincing, I changed my network (in the cellphone world). They want me to change so they can text me always of course by the use of what they call “unlimited texting”. At first I’m not “in to” that kind of service because it may instigate the “source of addiction”. I tried my first “unli” at PHP20 and I got a lot of textmates (my friends of course). As time goes, I shift to PHP40 then PHP80. For a fact I used this “unli” service 22 times with eighteen PHP20 (1 day each), two PHP40 (2 days) and two PHP80 (5 days). What I realized is the pleasure of “chatting” with my friends all the time, saying hello, sharing stories, quotes, jokes, even secrets (shhh...). This also caused me to have finger strains and red marks! This “unli” thing also flooded my inbox up to 500 messages! But I told myself to get rid of this habit ‘cause school days are coming and I don’t want THIS to distract me from studying.

Wooh! There you have it, hobbies of a 15-year old during the 3 month-vacation. No swimming no outings, just going to the mall and stay inside the house, that’s how I spent my bummer vacation. I can consider it boring at first but it turns out it’s a lot of fun...? :D

I’m gonna be a 4th year student! Goodness!!! Time is fast....


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