Wednesday, November 11, 2009

24 Hours of Hot Air

Today, I finally made up my mind that I should put my feet up. I am absent today for my asthma has slowed me down. I keep on refusing to the choice of having a check-up today because all I want to do is to rest. Since last Saturday, I am experiencing inferior colds with continuous coughs. The case, I guess, is post-nasal drip, which is the condition of having the gooey material inside the nose going down to the air passage of the lungs. The results are hard coughing and sleepless nights, with the distress of breathing. Today, I’m able to relieve all of them, with water, water and water. It’s a first that I have drunk 5 glasses of water today and I think it’s an accomplishment ‘cause I rarely drink water. To be honest, I prefer drinking plentiful of soft drinks and milk rather than water. But now, I learned my lesson.

Being sick doesn’t stop me from surfing the net. Lots of stuff to do like researching for my essays and secret school projects. Today, I have been memorizing an oratorical piece for our English project. It’s quite difficult at first but once I get the hang of it, it’s doing good. I also find the time today to organize my stuff for the big day tomorrow, back-to-school. Just a few minutes ago, my best friend has given me all the homework given and what they have done earlier in school. As usual, I’ve missed a lot today such as a seatwork which can be answered only if I have the newly distributed magazine, and a new lesson in Accounting about Adjusting Trial Balance on a 10-column worksheet which is wider than my chair! Whew, my unwinding today became ineffective because of these. I have to catch up tomorrow or else, I have to take my very strict teachers’ consequences.

To change the topic, as I search and surf the net, I have discovered two attainments of my efforts.

1. One of our Computer projects was to make an infomercial/ commercial promoting the Golden Jubilee celebration of our Alma Mater, Cainta Catholic College. It should be less than a minute but mine got a little longer. It took me 9 simultaneous hours to make my 1:12 video ‘cause I got problems with the Movie Maker. Still, after all my efforts, my video was one of the two “best” commercials picked by my Computer teacher together with other “mystery” judges. You can watch the video below (comments are highly appreciated :)

*I forgot to credit the materials I had used for this video. Still, thank you to those who hold them*

In addition, I was astonished and pleased to see that my video was rated with 5 stars on YouTube. Thanks to those who rated! :)
 a picture

2. Last Monday, when I opened my blog, I saw a message on my Cbox. Talksmart said that my blog had been nominated as the “Best Filipino Blog of the Week (186)” wherein votes could be made in Being nominated is already an attainment and at least my endeavor in making posts in my blog would bring a beautiful fruit. Thanks Talksmart!
*You can vote my blog in the website I’ve typed above.


Stay tuned for my next posts about my droll descriptions of a Filipino transpo, what an ideal friend I have and about my own role as a singer in a music video! ‘Til next time bloggers!

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