Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Triumphs in Cavite!


In God, there’s no failure.

UNFORGETTABLE: The “one” word I can say about my whole experience in Silang, Cavite. I was one of the exalted ones to participate in the MAPSA Press Conference for the second and last time. This conference is a special occurrence for people, especially for campus journalists under the Diocese of Antipolo to partake in several contests and mingle with other schools to make friends.

5:00am: The CCC team went to La Salette Shrine Cavite very early. We were I think the earliest school to come there. The place’s good but I thought last year’s setting was way better. We explored the place, took our first shots, whether in candid or in photography mode. The place’s really cool. Trees encircle 85% of the place, cool air, soft wet grass to stargaze upon, tiny ponds and more.

We had several snacks before proceeding to the contest proper. At the first part of the program, I got a hint that the said program would be the topic for the News Writing category (where I would compete) so I carefully listened to the details. After that, snacks, test then snacks and at 2:00pm, goodbye happy times, hello pens and papers.

Before the competition, the team was separated into groups depending on what category we’re participating. We were taught by Ma’am dela Cuesta in all categories of the conference and I got surprised that she’d be the judge of my category! She’s funny but very strict so I didn’t know what to expect. 3:00pm, the game started.

And I was right, the topic’s all about the 3rd MAPSA Conference from the morning up to the moment we (contestants) were writing our articles. Honestly, I felt heaps of confidence for I already knew what to write but at the same time anxious because of the time pressure, where I’m weak at. I held my rosary in my hand as I wrote my article with shakes and shivers. After 55 minutes, only 3 still write and I was one of them. It took me a long time for I repeated my work twice to avoid erasures. The time’s up and I let go of my entry, worried about the judgment the next day.

Hearing the news of my co-team members saying they’re NOT going to win made me feel the same. From the disappointment we each felt after the contest, we let go of our emotions through picture-takings and throwing rocks. Time went fast in La Salette, for the night began with the “Socialization Night”. As usual, I was jaded with the program. Games “Pinoy Henyo” and tableau making were done, including Mr. and Ms. MAPSA 2010, with my friend Michelle as the lovely and sexy representative of our Diocese. At 11, lights off.

February 10: A Wednesday full of edginess and fear for the results were in. Jeremy and I went to a place where a “maze” of plants was situated and we followed the track which led to Jesus’ monument. As we pray, a bee suddenly burst out from nowhere and we gave an interpretation of the demon’s distraction. Anyway, after the delicious breakfast, at 8, the awarding ceremony commenced. GOD IS GOOD because CCC won most of the awards! I won 3rd place in News Writing (English) (from 9th place last year).

medalThe fruit of my endeavor

  • BEST PARTICIPATING SCHOOL – Cainta Catholic College (3rd place)
  • BEST NEWS PAGE – 5th place
  • BEST SPORTS PAGE – 6th place
  • BEST LAYOUT DESIGN – 6th place
  • BEST EDITORIAL PAGE – 5th place
  • EDITORIAL CARTOONING – 2nd place (Marion from III – St. Albert)
  • KARTUNING – 1st Place (Celine Mesina)
  • SPORTS WRITING – 2nd Place (Jeremy Marron)
  • NEWS WRITING – 3rd place (ME!)
  • PAGSULAT NG ISPORTS – 6th place (Benj Ortiz)
  • PAGSULAT NG BALITA – Pauline Hernandez
  • PAGSULAT NG EDITORYAL – 1st place (Romar Fernando)
  • PAG-UULO & PAGWAWASTO – 4th place(Rhoniel Brondo)
  • PHOTOJOURNALISM – 1st place (Danielle Hill)
  • PHOTOJOURNALISM (TAGALOG) – 2nd Place (Winnie Eliab)
  • FEATURE WRITING – 1st place (Michelle Acielo)
  • PAGSULAT NG LATHALAIN – 3rd place (Lance dela Cruz)

My recognition and Lance’s served as God’s early birthday gifts to us (Feb. 20 & 21 respectively) which was very fulfilling. We were really blessed in this year’s MAPSA. We left La Salette bagged with awards, pictures and memories we will treaure forever, although we failed to be friends with other schools. :D

What I had learned from the 2-day journey in MAPSA’s that I should never stop believing and the power of the mind’s really essential. Moreover, prayer and faith to God never fails because God’s always staying by our sides.

Captured Moments in La Salette

Kudos Ginintuang Uhay (CCC Team) Staff!

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Renz said...

Wow.. Very nice to know na galing kayo sa shrine ng school namin. I'm a salettinian from School of Our Lady of La Salette here in Bulacan. :D That place is really nice.

Patz said...

@renz the place's great! Thanks for your comment. God bless.


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