Monday, February 22, 2010

A Strenuous Week

This year 2010, my Alma Mater, Cainta Catholic College, celebrates its Golden Jubilee celebration (50th year) and for one whole week, different events happened to me during our Foundation Week (Feb. 14 – 19).


Day 1: There’s “No Valentine’s Day for the lovers in CCC. Once again, we had our parade for the whole community of Cainta would know about the CCC’s remarkable event. We had walked from the Municipal all the way to the very outlying Junction. It was quite excruciating to walk for 2 and a half hours and all of us probably felt pains in our feet, sweat and exhaustion from that walk holding balloons. I did a lot of ways to ease the thirst and pain at that time, including contracting an ice cream vendor to “ride” on his cart in exchange of buying ice cream from him, singing, talking a lot and sneak to buy food to overcome my stress. Thank God by asthma didn’t attack me at that time.

FRAMES OF MIND: Exhaustion and exasperation

Day 2: Nothing much happened here. I was so bored that I didn’t know what to do. . I just had 6 pizzas that day. :D

FRAMES OF MIND: Depression and boredom

Day 3: It’s a good thing that my parents let me to bring my laptop and I took the chance of using the school’s Wi-Fi wisely. Later in the afternoon, as an Uhay staffer, I took coverage of the event in the auditorium entitled “An Afternoon with Pilita” when I saw Pilita Corrales live and she did 132 “body bends” as she sang her songs.

FRAMES OF MIND: Excitement and happiness


Day 4: It was Ash Wednesday and all Catholic people had their foreheads put with ash. I was assigned to be the First Reader in the mass with Monsignor as the celebrant which made me nervous. But, thank God I didn’t make a flaw as I read. One of my classmates brought her mini DVD player and I was in charge to bring the VCDs and DVDs to relieve our boredom of doing almost nothing. We watched Kristen Stewart’s film “The Messengers” and I had fun watching the girls screech in the scary scenes of the film.

FRAMES OF MIND: Amusement and anxiety

Day 5: We watched the first ever musical play of the school entitled “Pangarap” which informed the people watching about the history of CCC. I thought the play’s decent but typical. Then, in the rest of the day, I, with my co-members in Ginintuang Uhay stayed in the Uhay office, making the playbill for the musical play, when I took advantage of the fast internet. :D

FRAME OF MIND: Tolerance

Day 6: It was all work and no play for me that day for I worked on the playbill/ flyers for “Pangarap” for 5 hours. My only break was when the faculty performed their dance number on “Fire” and “Shake Body Dancer” and when Yuri from Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up went to CCC where she graduated High School (some said). I got a chance to have 2 pictures with her and all I can say’s that she’s pretty. :D


FRAMES OF MIND: Seventh Heaven and utmost stress

Ang ganda niya!!! - me

Anong maganda? Patrick, aral muna. (joking) – Ma’am Bernados :D

Day 7: Different story :D

‘Til here.

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