Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Fêtes in One

February 20, 2010: Doubtlessly one of the most wonderful combined events of my life. A Sunday that I will never forget because it’s our Juniors’-Seniors’ Promenade Night and I celebrated by 16th birthday!


A morning “surprise” woke me up at 7:00am as my mom and dad prepared my aspired cake from Red Ribbon “Chocolate Heaven”. Unlike last year of having literally countless visitors for my birthday, this time, only three of us rejoiced my once-a-year episode. I blew the petite blue candle and I didn’t care even it’s breakfast for I gobbled up a slice of my much-awaited cake. Mom prepared her most delicious recipe of the spaghetti, which I really enjoyed. I told them not to give me presents for I already had my own when I bought the “one whole set” of Friday the 13th films which cost P _ _ _ _. (secret) After a few moments, someone’s at the gate and finally the letter from DLSU came, confirming my slot. :D


Time really went fast and my birthday’s like just any typical day. I just surfed the internet, reviewed for my monthly examinations and even slept to let time pass until 3:00pm. When I woke up, it’s time to prepare for the JS Prom. It was the fiesta of Taytay that’s why even the program’s 7:00pm, we’re about to leave at 4. I put on my apple green polo then my unsullied gray pants and matched 2-button coat on. Got my breath freshener, perfume, foundation and I was all set.

We arrived in the premises at 5 and waited for 1 hour until my friends came. At 6, a photo shoot occurred first then, we formed a line for the program.


Me and my partner Winnie!

At 7, we were in the grounds and sat on the adorned tables. I really felt that my school prepared a “party” for me with the 3rd and 4th year students as my “guests”. I was overwhelmed because God gave me such happiness at that night. At 9, our class together with the other sections performed our cotillion and dance numbers and well, it worked well with my partner Winnie, wearing her gorgeous black shimmering dress with some sort of a “hat” on her head. Subsequently, the candle light ceremony was next and we sang  Ryan Cabrera’s song “True”. After the ceremony, my classmates greet me a happy birthday but they were reprimanded by one of the teachers for their noise. I felt humiliated at that time for Winnie answered the teacher’s question “who’s celebrating a birthday?!”. I cried until the dinner time while hearing the apologies of my classmates. I needed time before I recovered.

Speaking of food, we had chicken, pata, beef with cream sauce, chopsuey and other undefined provisions with rice. I only ate the chopsuey and some of the chicken for some didn’t taste good. I pulled through when the “dance party” began for that’s my most-awaited part to bring out all my stress. I finally accepted their apologies and got the party started!

I 25 out of the 26 girls in our class plus one former classmate of mine from other section, Melissa, making a total of 26 girls. It was tiring but I had fun. I let out my wayward attitude on the dance floor together with my “party-going” friends! We all had fun, especially me, for I had the chance to have fun and forget all homework and projects to do even for just one night. I had pleasure but last year’s prom was better than this year.


  • Longest Dance (2 separate songs – about 5 mins.) – Andrea Gabriel
  • Girls I danced the most number of times – Juzelle Javier, Winnie Eliab, Andrea Gabriel (2 songs each)
  • First Dance – Raisa Brillo
  • Last Dance – Celine Mesina
  • Craziest Dance – Juzelle Javier

During the party, Alianna gave me 3 gifts: a smiley button, handkerchief and a cellphone hanger. Thanks Yanna! At 12am also, my best friend Lance celebrated  his 16th birthday when he took the chance to have his dance with his girl for 20 mins. xD

That’s about it. I was tired but contented. I got home by 5am and slept until 12pm. I’d say it’s a night to remember!

Captured Moments from JS Prom

I’m sixteen!

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CHONG x] said...

At 12am also, my best friend Lance celebrated his 16th birthday when he took the chance to have his dance with his girl for 20 mins. xD

--- favorite line ko to . haha


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