Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Amazing Racers

Last Friday, September 12 this year, as we made our way to the school we were about to teach for Catechesis program of our school, my classmates and I thought of a pursuit to entertain ourselves. Pretend and to imagine ourselves as "The Amazing Racers".

My partner in teaching, Lance made up our own team namely: Patrick and Lance (Friends/Catechists). Our competitors were our other classmates namely: Joed and Sharmaine (Classmates/Catechists) and Edward and Melissa (same caption). With our large and heavy backpacks on our backs, we raced from our school, CCC, to San Juan Elementary School as our pit stop. Not only 3 teams were involved but since we're 41, one team was composed of 3. Meaning 20 teams raced to the pit stop!

Me and Lance ran with all our might and used our remaining leg strength. Some were closing by our track and we were challenged by a "team" in front of us: Edward and Melissa in the lead! We really did "career" ourselves to be real racers and our spirit told us that that was the original "Amazing Race". We ran pass other teams, being in 2nd place, and that was the time we saw the leading "team". We ran and ran and tried to find shortcuts to the school. But we failed. Edward and Melissa finished 1st with me and Lance in 2nd with Joed and Sharmaine.

This "Amazing Race" leisure we thought of will still continue up to the last Friday of the school year. Our standings for the past weeks were 6th, 3rd and the recent standing, 2nd place. One more and we will experience a "$1 Million race of a lifetime".

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