Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nothing Beats Fulfilment

It's been four weeks of teaching Catechism to young ones in San Juan Elementary School as part of our school's program. From these four weeks, there were feelings I cannot articulate.

Me and my partner, Lance Dela Cruz were assigned in a Grade 2 class, section IV. As we enter the classroom, unexpectedly, we were greeted by happy faces with warm smiles that touched our hearts, even for the first time. We oriented them and introduced ourselves to them. And in the second week, we were captured by them.

Everytime I teach those kids, I am really happy for myself because I am able to teach not just about God and Jesus Christ, but the values I want them to develop and apply in their lives and when they do, of course they may remember me as their teacher for those good values I am teaching them. But I am surprised because it already occured. I saw one of the kids we are teaching helping her classmate to pick up the papers dropped and also throwing simple trash to the trash can, in which even in little, simple deeds, I am flattered.

There are second thoughts in my mind if I will take the course of Education for Graders (I - III) because I told myself that earning money is also good to be able to help my family, but I guess, or as I can say, nothing can beat the fulfilment I feel whenever I experience teaching. This also manifests me whenever I see the happy faces of the kids when they learn and we are having games and action songs. I really want to see them always smiling and always joyful.

I also feel privileged when they just see me afar from their room, they will call my name as "Kuya Patz" and immediately, a wide smile will form on my face. And in addition to this also, if I will say goodbye to them after teaching, they will wave their hands to me and making "apir" or "high-5" in English culture.

With these I've mentioned, as for a conclusion, even for just four weeks, I feel that I already accomplished something and that is to make kids smile and learn good values.

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