Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Untraceable" Diversion

September 20, 2008, the day finally came since I borrowed the DVD of the movie entitled "Untraceable" from my classmate, Sharmaine when she told the story of the said movie which made me probing about it.

At first, its quite confusing, first a kitten tortured and killed. I even felt pathetic about the poor animal. As the movie proceeds, I finally understood it and it was indeed an action-packed thriller film! It was very good and for me, it had a resemblance to "Saw" film series, having detective and police work and victims placed onto some kind of traps, but not likely like "Saw". I really love films like those.

September 21, 2008, today it's time to fulfill my curiosity about the website: which was mentioned and even typed in the film. I already tried typing it for the past two months, but I am nervous whenever I see the "skull". But I realized, based on several blogs in the internet, it's just a game.

Currently, when I am typing this post, I am already trying it out. Kind of a "detective" work against the serial killer himself. For those who are reading this blog, why don't you try the site, you might see "victims" during the game. It's like I'm in a "cat-and-mouse" situation right now. Go ahead!

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ChipotleChick said...

Wow, it sure sounds like you like action! hi, i just barely started blogging and checking out other people's blogs and i like yours, so i decided to comment! come check out my blog. its the exaxt opposite of yours!il totally check out that game. it sounds unbellievably exciting. mwahahahahahahah!


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