Friday, October 10, 2008

Students Turn Recitalists

October 8, 2008: The day when we performed our project in MAPEH, which was to stage a theatrical production of the life of our beloved section, Saint Albert the Great (Albertus Magnus).
Our class was divided into four groups, each will perform a short play (which could last for 25-35 minutes). I am included in Group 1, which our preparation for it was not that "sombre", we just took pleasure in it, for us to have stronger bonds, as groupmates and friends. We had about 2-2 1/2 days of "practice" and we were not satisfied of what we did and we even had qualms that we will have an appalling performance the next day.

And the day and time finally came. We made our way to the Audio Visual Room 1 on the second floor, where we're about to perform our plays. Everyone had dressed themselves the best costumes. My roles were actually the teacher of St. Albert the Great when he was a child to a high school student and be the overall sound director.

We were the first group, meaning we will perform first. I was on the area where the sound systems were found and I started the background music with Ms. Mariz Ponti as our connoisseur narrator.

Mariz began narrating all about St. Albert and after that, our play started. Here is the list of our scenes:
Scene 1: The birth of St. Albert the Great
Scene 2: The parents let their lad to study in the University of Padua.
Sub-scene 1: Albert's uncle sent him to "UP".
Scene 3-5: Albert showed his intelligence in Math, Philosophy, Alchemy, Botany and many others. He liked Aristotle and taught the Book of Sentences.
Scene 6-13: Albert graduated and taught Thomas Aquinas, facing problems and his death and beatification.

After our play, the cast and characters were introduced. Here are the cast and characters:
Patrick Juacalla: Albert's teacher/ Blessed Jordan of Saxony (also the sound director)
Joed Abad & Lakan Gaspar: St. Albert the Great (young and mature)
Mariz Ponti: Narrator
Sharmaine Florante: Mother of St. Albert
Clarence Santos: St. Albert's father
Frances Brecia: Midwife, Siger de Brebant
Edexa Mabalot: Midwife
Andrej Gatchalian: Albert's Uncle
Zeejay Lobo: Peter of Tarantasia
Jessa Naquimen: Pope Gregory XV, Mama Mary

Our play was a great success, for us. Our teacher even told us or gave a comment that our play can be "sold", which I think is positive. I even let myself to act which Im not best at but still teamwork and cooperation are the keys to success.

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