Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Access to My Prospect

After all the hardship in the past few months of taking tough entrance examinations from the BIG 4 universities in the Philippines, I turn up to University of Sto. Tomas. It is known to be one of the long-standing Catholic universities in our country and I’m blissful to be able to grab a slot and I would say, fortunate enough to get a slot for the cause of being in the “Waiting-List” in the course that I’ve chosen.


From the four institutions of higher education that I had taken , I was fortunate to pass the two of them, and when I’d been included in the waiting-list in UST, my score also qualified me to its sister university, Letran. Then, I received letters from the other two schools I’d not made the grade (namely UP & Ateneo) conveying that my scores qualified but my course had a designated quota, which made me a little upset at that time (my mind always conjures up that IF I just took a course that has no much proportion, then, I would have my CHANCE to be able to enter).

The failure of pulling through DLSU opened the door of opportunity to give a shot to UST.

Then, from the two where I’d passed, my primary target was De La Salle University, but I was disappointed to be informed that there were conflicts regarding scholarship concessions. So that marked the lucky break for me to give a shot to enter UST and after all the recurring procedures (and thank goodness no interviews), I was officially enrolled last 26th of April. Since I applied for scholarship, the school automatically included me as a member of BeST (Becarios De Santo Tomas) and I have to admit, I’m anxious in the 15th of June for college life will formally begin. I’m now looking forward for initiation of a new chapter of my life as a college (Pharmacy) student.

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Renz said...

good luck for your college life. Strive more!

Patz said...

@ Renz thank you very much! Hope I'll do good :)


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