Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hours of Darkness

Most of the times, I don't fall to sleep very quickly, except if I'm really tired from a trip or retreat or just any out-of-town event. I have been subjected to insomnia with no apparent reason. Maybe it's just my body that is quite responsive and senses the events that occur at night. Speaking, for little finer points, I sleep with my comforter (thick blanket) but my feet are laid outside the blanket to feel the electric fan's, somewhat air. You might probably wonder, what's the use of the comforter? I do not know, its already been my behavior since I was a child.

Some nights are very sleepless for me, even in cases without homework, I still do some of my tasks in my ECA (Extra-Curricular Activites) such as in Ginintuang Uhay (my school organ) and in Youngster Magazine wherein I have to write 4 articles and answer some questions to be featured in the said publications or just any school-related work in ECA. I was very busy and while I work, my eyes nearly dropped out of my sockets.

Everytime I make onto my bed, I lie on my side with a soft pillow that's like a cloud on my head. I open the lights outside, because I'm afraid of the dark honestly, I'm not that kind of a plucky person.

While on the bed, I make, somewhat recaps of occurrences for the day or even reminiscing special events or so. I do not emulate other people do like counting sheeps and others. This can take up to 1 hour or so if I am not that worn-out and I also sense the sounds, the wind/air and look around the house because I am timid every night; there might be apparitions, I hear crackling sounds, I see lights outside (I don't know why but I'm sure it doesn't come from the lights of other houses or cars) and I feel the cool and sometimes cold breeze which makes the curtains move and "float". Maybe these are the effects of horror movie-watching and too much suerstitious. And, without realizing, I fall asleep and images and events start to form in my mind (DREAMS).

My dreams, often are very fictional and some are very scary. Like I am being chased by pyschokillers from movies, thieves and being inside a haunted house. My good dreams include my "future" and passing the exams and some sort. Sometimes, I see my "favorite stars" in my dreams and I even spend time with them. :) - very impossible you may think!

And as I enjoy my dreams or be terrified with it, a voice would be heard or a warm water hits my face, and I don't realize, I'm awake! Very shocking everytime this happens.

For me, dreams are very interesting and I want to know why dreams form. As the hours of darkness come, they just "take shape" in my mind. And I don't believe that what I dream is impossible, some but not all.

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