Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Red-Letter Day

It's been a quite long period of time that I am not dispatching posts in my blog.

There had been numerous events that occurred in my ongoing life from the past 39 days. Most of them were very memorable to me because of certain reasons.

November 24, the giving of our report cards and in every giving of our cards there's the announcement of the rankings in our class. Last First Grading Period, with modesty aside, I ranked 2nd and in the Second Grading, I remained in that position with an average of... secret. Okay, humbly speaking, 96.45% :D Mixed emotions trounced me: happiness and about 11% of distress, well the reasons are just too personal.

The few remaining days of November was our "break", the time for our relaxation due to it's Cainta's fiesta (Dec.1). Well I took the chance of let's just say "celebrating" this "break". I watched a huge collection of horror and slasher movies, for me to relieve "STRESS" :)

My computer hours increased (from regular 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours). I spent most of my time chatting (YM) with my friends, some advance reading on our lessons, playing games and became an addict to "Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate, Ravenhearst and Prime Suspects". The game made me insane and dizzy in finding those imprudent objects!!! But a cup of hot chocolate with so soft marshmallows reduce my stress in the game.

More and more events happened. Before November ended, my parents gave me a brand new celular phone, unit Nokia 5310 Xpress Music, my most aspired phone model! They chose the black theme of the phone and I taught myself on how to hold it because its only about "mm" thin, it's like a toy in my hand and it seems to slide away from my hand!

November ended and December came, the Christmas season. I am fond of having countdowns especially Christmas because I am excited for the coming of Christ. As the year comes to close, I met the busiest schedules of my entire life this month.

December 2, the finishing touch of our project (Jesus in the Manger) in Technology and Livelihood Education was made. We were so proud of our work which it was made of recycled materials. Some teachers even praised for its beauty but some....

December 5

Anyway, the hardest activity I've done was when I was in the "Saint Paul Youth Camp" in St. Paul College in Pasig City. To fully understand my tiring fate, I still had classes from 7:00am to 3:00pm. Me, Pauline and Celine departed at 4:00pm.

When we get there, thousands of participants from St Paul Publishing Magazines, especially from Youngster. The Kenosis team was able to socialize really well. The camp was all about St. Paul, since it's his Jubilee year. There were singing, dancing and preaches from priests and nuns. It was fun, but tiring because the camp ran from 5:00pm to 6:00am (of Dec. 6) and guess what, I thought that the catch phrase of the camp was: "Walang Tulugan", like Kuya Germs in which we were not informed about. During the camp, I really appreciated the best efforts of our CL teacher, Ms. Brequillo, as I saw her really sleepy (she attended most of the retreats of our batch) so I guess she really needs a complete rest.

As we had our amazing experience in the camp, we returned to CCC at 7:00am. We had classes AGAIN (it's a Saturday) because we had our intramurals that time. But to God's mercy, we were excused of course, we were overfatigue and needed to rest. As I was home, I ate a little and slept at 8:00am.

* TOTAL TIME (NO REST): 25 hours of no sleep. A record in my life!!!

December 10-11: Days passed and after the camp, another overnight event comes in: Our retreat. We went to Loyola Retreat House in my hometown, Angono Rizal. We enjoyed the event, as our class reconciled and found "new selves". Anger was removed and unity was made present, thanks to our beloved adviser Ms. Peligaria. It was an emotional retreat, in addition to our confession but in our last day, blissful atmosphere was present, as we took pictures as our remembrance for we will not return again to the Retreat house.

* O I almost forgot, December 9, my most awaited day, the season finale of The Amazing Race 13. As I watch, my body trembled with excitement and edginess while I was eating a huge can of "Chips Ahoy!". With all my prayers, the result came out really astonishing as I jumped for joy because my favorite team, Nick and Starr Spangler won the race!

This month also, I have a goal: To collect all the 5 Coke smile glasses! They attracted me very much because of their dazzling colors! I sacrifice my diet to drink Coca-Cola products to obtain 35 coke smiley caps to have all 5. (1 glass=7 smile caps) So far, I have 4 (red, green, yellow and the purple (which is not yet claimed) and I don't have the orange glass YET. Hopefully, before the company run out of stock or the promo stops, I'll be able to get that orange glass.

I have a question, "Is it bad for me, a 14 year old boy to watch "Banana Split"? Well, since last October, I started watching the said sexy comedy show after MMK. And speaking of MMK, I really loved the "Sanggol" and the "Lason" episodes of the drama show. These made me cry, well because I felt the stories of those episodes. The scenes were very dramatic and I loved them both!
And one more thing, the reason I write this longest post of mine is because we had no telephone for 2 weeks! No talking, no internet, no fun... But at least it came back. As I type this post, I am happy of all the things and the "new ones" I encountered in the past 39 days. I am now enjoying the velvet comfort of my white stuff in our home, since I am a teenager who loves "white" things.
* I covered my classroom armchair with white cartolina, I have a white trash can, all my towels are white, all my polo shirts/ clothes are white, white bathroom towel, white soap, white drink (milk), white pillows and blanket and others as I prefer white is the symbol of cleanliness, which I am fond of.

Well, from those I typed, the events taught me various lessons, including patience. We know what we say:

"Patience is the best of qualities; he who possesses it possesses all things."

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