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“In”, Hip & Famous

Filipinos can think of countless “pauso’s” to spice up living their lives. We are known to be really humorous in almost I guess, everything! Even the hardships, problems and trials come; we can laugh about it because we’re the kind of people who are sanguine and cheerful most of the time! :D

Below are people, things, sayings or anything under the sun that are/were considered “in” or “hip” in the Philippines this year 2009:

This is one of the most popular and widely used words nowadays in the country. This word is the set phrase for “well done” or “good job” used particularly in quiz bees, promotions, achieving ranks, beating the DOTA king and much more. This word’s further used “everyday” because of the notorious 19-year old ASF Dancer in Wowowee, Ms. Aprilyn Gustilo.

Aprilyn or simply “April” but now called as “Congratulations Girl” started sometime in April 2009. I can still remember that it’s my summer vacation and I was able to watch Wowowee more habitually. I was able to see her career from start when she joined Ms. Fitrum in the said show then became a new recruited ASF Dancer. For the first 2-3 months, she began to speak the word “Congratulations” during the giving of P1,000 to the Bigaten from Rexona (1,000, 1,000, 1,000 from Rexona, 1,000….CONGRATULATIONS! (raising her two arms quite high). ‘Til then she became more popular this I think June up to know where she’s being imitated by many people (as I’d observed). At school, I could hear the students (just distributing test papers), “P1,000…P1,000…P1,000 from Vaseline”. Then, with the alteration in the Rexona segment (addition of the word “High-five”), her catch-phrase turned into:

High-Five! P1,000…nanay high-five! P1,000….tatay hay! High-five P1,000….CONGRATULATIONS!

As of now, she’s kind of “promoted” because she’s included in the intermission number of the ASF Dancers before Willie of Fortune and she engages in “mini-hosting” of the show. What made her really admired and funny is the way she says the word “CONGRATULATIONS!” because her voice has no permanent pitch (can be high or getting low sometimes) with matching high energy and “malat” (I think hoarse in English) effect.

I don’t know where they come from but when classes resume, my classmates always sing the song “Nobody” with matching dance steps inside the classroom anytime of a day. Sometimes I feel clichéd of hearing the song every single day of a week from the “Wonder Girls” inside the room (even my best friend dances the song xD).

I observed that during and still after the phenomenal hit of “Boys Over (Before) Flowers” in the Philippines, several people engaged in the trend of having bangs like Jan Di’s, fur coats like Jun Pyo’s, corn blonde hair of Ji Hoo, long hairstyle (emo-like) of boys and men like Yi Jeong and Woo Bin and checkered sweatshirts. Also, Filipinos (especially women) downloaded the songs from the soundtrack of the drama series and would listen anywhere (including the students in our school, they’d listen to the songs inside the trellis with people looking at them because they memorized the undistinguished, unmemorable and unrecognizable lyrics of the songs…and they don’t even know the meanings of those songs! Why do we find memorizing the Oriental languages easy? Maybe because we can just blab and say any “word” as long as it has the similar sound. :D

Another Korean “hit” in the Philippines is the rise of the Korean Pop Culture – Korean songs made by girls who have cute colorful skirts, same hairdo and white skin. These include “Nobody” by Wonder Girls (which is a hit because most Filipino girls tend to sing it in karaoke bars and dance it anywhere) having both Korean and English versions. Songs of 2NE1 became popular also and we’re able to see Sandara Park’s rise to fame in Korea nowadays.

Nanay Dionesia
Mommy/ Nanay Dionesia is the mother of the People’s Champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. At first we only see her inside a room of her house, locked up, praying devotedly to Mama Mary for every fight of her son – and her prayers are powerful for Pacman constantly wins his matches. But now, year 2009, the religious Nanay Dionesia decides to enter show business.

When she entered showbiz, she became an instant “star”. With many TV guestings such as in dance shows (she’s the Dance Floor Queen I think), variety shows, talk shows and gag shows, her name is undisputedly forever in our minds. Her fame continued with countless TV ads/ commercials and groundbreaking taglines in those ads. Many comedians and comediennes impersonate her, increasing her popularity even more. Even in the touchtone world, she’s still notorious with people’s use of shaggy dog stories. :D

See previous post (“Mukhang Libro”) below.

February 2009 marked the beginning of one of the most prestigious and heartwarming drama series on television which is “May Bukas Pa”. It has a similar theme of “Marcelino” which is about a young boy named Santino who can see and communicate with Jesus. With the instant popularity of the show, Santino (Zaijian Jaranilla) calls Jesus “Bro” for we all know that Jesus is the redeemer, Son of God, thus, He’s our brother. People use “Bro” pertaining to Jesus in real lives and not just only in the show itself. In our school, when we had our confessions, the priests would say just have faith in Bro. That’s how influencial Santino is. :D

Cwissy, Naw Nah…
The show in one channel entitled “Banana Split” made this “phrase” more popular because of their spoof of the show “SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon” which is “NNNN: Nternainment News na Naman!”. The show’s (SNN) hosts are Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino and on the spoof stars Jayson Gainza as Bhoy and Angelica Panganiban as Crissy. The most talked-about and well-liked impersonation is Jayson’s for he’s able to really mimic Boy Abunda’s voice and laugh (ahihihi) and also his popular catch phrase: “Showbiz news bukas, ngayon ang broadcast…naw nah..” plus lowering his head down like Boy. Also, Angelica’s able to portray like Kris because of the movements and the famous “back” pose. They both make a good impersonating tandem and in our school, many of my classmates imitate the way Bhoy talks, causing outrage and nonstop laughter inside the room.

You’re such a loser…hahaha
The tandem of Yaya and Angelina (portrayed by Michael V. and Ogie Alcasid respectively) are quite funny. Their first appearance was in their “segment” in Bubble Gang, Yaya taking care of Angelina, the spoiled brat. Angelina, most of the times (or I think always) refuse to follow Yaya and when Yaya commits mistakes, she’ll say her famous phrase: “Yaya, you’re such a loser” or “Whatever Yaya” making letter “W” on her hands and rolling "her" eyes.

Reaching their utmost esteem, they had their own show, “Hole in the Wall” with more funny antics from the two comedians. Then, because I think by popular demand, they’ll have a movie together.

Cute and Funny Songs
Filipinos are really creative and have an extensive sense of humor. Even the hit foreign songs are translated into Tagalog! Starting with hits such as “Clumsy”, “Don’t Matter”, “Low”, “Smack That” and other Akon, Beyonce, Fergie and others’ songs are made “fresh” by Filipinos.

Translations are as follows:
-Can’t help it, can’t help it = Ka’y mag-ingat, ika’y mag-ingat
-Chorus: “Ako’y natisod, natapilok, natisod, natapilok, di nag-ingat sa pagmamahal
Ako’y nadulas, umikot, nadulas, umikot”, di nag-ingat sa pagmamahal

-First line: Ben, bayaran mo ang utang mo.

“Single Ladies”
-First lines: Lahat ng mga single ladies (lahat ng mga single ladies)
And something like: bigyan mo ako ng singsing (you should’ve put a ring on it)

Careless Whisper
The 1980's hit single of George Michael was relieved this year because of the controversial sex-video scandal. I'd observed the popularity of this song grew among several people in the Philippines, singing and even dancing the said song showing kind of sensuality.

Banat Jokes: Sobrang Cheesy
These are the most hilarious “pauso” of Pinoys today. Jokes are spoken or either passed on cell phones are quite cool. “Eeeeh..sobrang cheesy” is the famous tagline from commercials of Greenwich pizza, meaning “corny” or trite or something like “baduy”.

Banat jokes are jokes with complete “kabaduyan” or “cheesiness” involved. The replies/ responses of the “characters” in these jokes are so “cheesy” or negative in a funny way.

1.) Girl: Ahm, excuse me, ilang pages ka ba?
Boy: Bakit?
Girl: Kapal mo kasi eh.
2.) B: Miss, lusis ba ngipin mo?
G: Bakit?
B: Kasi pag ngumiti ka, may SPARK.
3.) B: Asthma ka ba?
G: Bakit?
B: ‘Cause you take my breath away.
4.) B: Miss, titulo ka ba?
G: Bakit?
B: Tingin ko kasi, pagmamay-ari kita.
5.) B: Anu English ng mahal kita?
G: Edi, I love you.

That’s how creative Pinoys are.

They make a lot of “pausos” right? Haha.
I’m proud to be Pinoy.
Those are just some “hip” and “in” trends in the Philippines. Those are just the ones I can remember but as time goes by, more “trends” and “mga pauso” will float in the surface.

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