Thursday, June 10, 2010

Morph Your Faces…Literally!

Let’s face it. There are instances when we feel used up in monotonous websites, especially the social-networking ones. After using our accounts, we sometimes feel we don’t know which site to go next to search for something new.

Internet is extremely infinite and there are countless websites out there waiting to be visited. As I search, I stumbled on one that is worthy of note which will make one person express his or her amusement as continuous use is concerned. It’s MORPH THING.COM.

The site enables user to combine two close-up (face) photos into one, literally morphing them. It has its off the rack selection of cropped close-up images of renowned people and characters, particularly celebrities, which can be used in morphing by choosing two. After a few seconds, the result is ready. Also, people are allowed to register for an account and upload their own images to be used for morphing. The face possibilities are infinite and outcomes can be fun to see. I’ve tried to morph celebrities together such as Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears, Yoga (from Star Wars) & Mr.. Bean and even my picture morphed with Harry Potter! :) It’s one way to make those covered smiles!

Here are some of my experiments:


Mr.. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) + Patrick


Yoga + Patrick


Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) + Patrick

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2 remarks:

goyo said...

ayos to ah. HAHA!

--salamat nga pala sa pagdalaw sa tambayan ko. pa-follow! :)

Ruby said...

cute ung third one...heheh... ;)


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